Mobile Swipers

Do any of you use these? If so what is your procedure do you download the app onto your drivers phone or do you have a cellphone that you supply for the drivers?

with Square, they d/l the app to their phone, but you must log in, privately…they then can’t access except to swipe at the door…easy to use & set up…you can see which driver swiped when etc…

Feel free to direct message me. I will provide you with my telephone number. I have a LOT of experience with this. We have tested several systems over the past 3 years and have been using 1 for 2 1/2 years. i can help you. It’s just too much info for a forum

too much info? WTF? Been using Square 5+ yrs…never had a chargeback…money next day…easy web review…secure as hell…free readers…customers already primed…

Thanks for the info @Patriot’sPizza how is the liability with the square reader now that this emv has gone into effect. Do they have a mobile chip reader or are you still using the swiper without a shift of liability to your end?

I have one chip reader…not a freebie…$35…but the old ones still work…as I’ve said b4, I’v never had a chargeback…

in the 6 1/2 years of doing business ive had 2 charge backs both were from keyed in entries for delivery. We just had one 2 weeks ago from a person that order pizza in june and they just realized 2 weeks ago that they didnt authorized this charge so I am no longer comfortable with keying in the cc info and now with this emv stuff i feel even less comfortable.

why would anyone key in a cc for delivery? that defeats the whole purpose!

So does that mean if we do delivery, we would have to switch out all the Square swipers we use to the new EMV ones they will have coming up?

We key in the cc because we dont have to mobile swipers but im so over the way the cc companies are starting to handle all this fraud stuff its a no win situation unless you cross your t’s and dot your i’s 100% of the time. We check cc and id’s at the time of delivery but the cc companies want an imprint of the card everytime you key in a cc entry. who has time for this? but if you dont do it and you get a chargeback you are sol.

you can get a Square reader TODAY & reduce the chance of fraud 99.999%…eazy peazy…no hassle solution & $$$ in the bank the next day…

My newest credit card is not embossed…It is flat and no way to take an impression…Not sure if these are in the US yet so it may be a Canadian thing only…

I have seen plenty of cards recently that have no impression at all. Heck some cards i have seen have all the numbers on the back of the card now instead of the front.

I have seen these cards as well but my first chargeback which was about3-4 years ago I lost the claim because we did not have an imprint of the cc. So i dont know we will see what happens with this one.

Can’t wait for that conversation …

CC rep: Well you did not get an impression of the card
Owner: The card in question has no raised numbers to take an impression of
CC rep: … Well you still didn’t get an impression of the card
Owner: … sigh … So we are supposed to make impressions of blank cards ?
CC rep: Yes, that is what my rules say to do.

And going forward there will be card issued without the complete number and will only be valid for electronic transactions…It may be that “card not present” transactions will not be supported much longer…

Im all for that if it means less chance of chargeback. A while back I had a couple of guys come in order pizza wanting to pay with cc. The cards where beyond obvious fakes and they pulled out about 3 of them trying to use them to pay for their food but they wouldnt go through. They wanted me to key in the cc # I said no I wont do that. Ok we will be back with cash they said. They never came back!

Hey Guys,
Are there any others fees associated with square monthly compared with a transitional credit card processor ? They advertise 2.75 swiped. Can anyone list any other fees please .

no other fees if card is swiped…if it is keyed in, 15 or 35¢ I think…you can see all transaction online, from others using the main acct, like drivers…money in the acct the next day…

Im really leaning towards doing this, it would save us alot of time manually entering the CC number over the phone. How many times do you get a customer that has to put you on hold while they go find there credit card then have to read their number/ expiration date/ cvv number etc. All while you hope the phone doesnt cut out for a second while theyre reading it! Sounds petty but it matters

My concern is what happens if you get a delivery where wifi/LTE is poor? Is this an issue? We get a few deliveries daily that are known to have poor iternet cappabilities