Moving a 60 Hobart

The old Hobart mixers ARE really that heavy. I did installations for a while and removed a few old mixers during that time. You can be amazed how heavy something that size is. I don’t know if the people saying that they easily through it into the back of a pickup are joking but I personally would find that to be a good way to risk breaking yourself and your expensive piece of equipment. Try to rent a truck with a lift gate and a pallet jack and have 2-3 people help you move it. When we moved these, we generally would tilt them back to get the jack legs under and then would have 2 guys keep it balanced while we moved it and then carefully moved it (while still on the jack) onto the liftgate. Then we made sure to strap it in tight against the truck wall to keep it from moving. If that thing gets off balance it will tumble and break parts of it or the vehicle it is in. Good luck.

I ended up paying a guy who happened to be at the right place at the right time to move it. He had a backhoe and it took him about 3 minutes. Now it is sitting on my trailer!!! was thinking about an engine hoist to get it off.