Whatta u people payin for mozzarella ?

Toooooooooooo Much :lol:

What’s to much ?

Sorry for the glib answer but this is a topic that comes up about 4 times a year. If you search the forum you will see the price goes up and down (mostly up). If you want to feel good about what you are paying compare your price to what we pay in Canada. $4.55/lb is what I paid this week for full fat mozza.

Or $7.50kg in Australia - and we are now on parity to the U$


We are paying i think 1.65 lb LMPS Motz. Next week it going down to 1.53 lb.

Why is cheese so much in canada?? hell, for that much i would rent a uhaul and come to the states and stock pile that somewhere

thats big money

I suspect that a big part of it is that Canada doesn’t have MASSIVE government dairy subsidies.

Remember that their dollar is more like monopoly money :slight_smile: Kinda like the American dollar these days. Actually, I think their Dollar somehow is still right at even with ours within a couple cents, so I can’t make fun of them as much :frowning:

Canada has MASSIVE timber subsidies, the US has MASSIVE agriculture, insurance, energy, and banking subsidies!

There is a marketing board that set the price of cheese here. There is no rhyme or reason to their methods. I have been open for 6 years and the price has increased every year so I am paying 15% more now than I did when I opened.

The thing that really gets my blood boiling is the frozen pizza industry gets a 30-40% subsidy because they “manufacture” their product.

Not sure where you got the idea Canada has massive timber subsidies…

Not sure where you got the idea Canada has massive timber subsidies…
ummmm, ??? Go do some research.

Cheese prices have plunged on the CME over the past 5 weeks. If you’re not starting to see some relief you need to be in your distributor’s ear.

From 1.77 a few weeks ago, we traded as low as 1.40 this week.

Piper, any reasoning behind the sudden rise and fall of the price, besides being centered around the ‘back to school’ season?? I haven’t seen the distributor backing off their price anywhere near as quick as its dropped on the market.

Not sure where you got the idea Canada has massive timber subsidies…
Royster, its been ‘alleged’ for decades, probably because the government ‘owns’ most of the land where its harvested. In essence, the government then can set the price wherever it likes.

how can you being paying only 1.65 that is cheap I just paid 2.16

Sysco is offering me

Arrezio LMPS Moss for $2.42

Saputo 50% Whole Milk Mozz/50% Skim Mozz for around $2.69

Sorrento Prima Cucina Mozz - $2.81

Joker, how are you getting it for so cheap?? We’re opening a new delivery/carryout and are working on getting our ingredients/recipes finalized, but I feel we’re being offered higher cheese pricing.

We paid 1.873 this week for the Arrezio LMWM. We pay 17 cents over the CME block price on a four week lag. There’s no guessing games and no playing around with our distributors on cheese.

Joker - do you pay based on the current week’s prices? It looks like it, or on a one week lag. I much prefer the four week lag because I know what my cheese prices are going to be a month from now. We an therefore save a nice bit of money by timing our purchases accordingly.

Thanks Piper, I’m new to the food industry entirely, and the distributors know that, hence the much much higher pricing. I’ll be going to work on them starting tomorrow!

We are .13 cents over CME block price with a 1 week lag. Right now we are saving about 1500 a month in cheese since its dropped .40 cents over the last month, makes a big difference

Hi Joker…what supplier are you using for your cheese??