My Space for your place?

I think that is because you have to be 14 to register.

Nick, you know you can customize most of your page and set it up to where the comments are only displayed after you approve them, right?

I have a space . We have over 100 friends. About 1/2 or more are LOYAL customers. If its free Why not use it?

russ cox

Actually, you DON’T have to market it. You get a couple of kids who like your pizza and have a myspace acct and they market for you.

russ cox

Those numbers are incorrect.

Not too many people are using their correct age.
My kids want an account, 'cause the friends have one, how?? they are 10, 11, & 12, bbut u r supposed to be 18 right?
Also, u’ll see ages of over 100.

I can put any numbers into a spreadsheet & spit them out, then tell you they are for real.

Just my thoughts…


I think the real question is “Will a MySpace site draw customers to your store?” If those “friends” come to your restaurant because they saw your MySpace site and it draws in new customers, then it’s a good marketing tool and your time and energy is well-spent. BUT, if those friends are already customers and the only reason they’re going to your MySpace site is to sign up as a friend and leave their picture, then there may be no marketing value to it.

For our discussion about our shop . . . the real questions is about the NET number of customers attracted. We have to consider as well the impact of negative impressions by potential customers searching the internet for us or places in our area. EXAMPLE: New family moves to town and Googles for a pizza place in Grantville. If they find our MySpace and are turned off, we loose that customer 1st impression and may or may not get a chance to recover that potential customer.

It may never happen that way, but in the MySpace milieu, there are far, far to d@mned many people who have more control over the impact of our page there than we would have. I don’t want to throw the dice and let others have that sort of direct influence over the advertising presence there. Other places have made a different business decision, and scored with lots of new customers. There truly is no substitute for knowing your marketplace and having a written business plan as both make these sorts of decisions easier.

It is a research firm. Do you have some other authority to cite that they are incorrect other than just your opinion?

I, too, distrust figures when I see them until I check their methodology. But to just state they are incorrect without any corroborating evidence is worse.

Looks nice man. I would however IMVHO remove the link to order online direct at Dominoes. I do like the idea of beating the BFD, however. :smiley:

I don’t understand what you are saying… Who has controll of “my” myspace? I do…No one else… Please explain… Friends buy from Friends. Myspace is free. I am building LOYAL customers and it cost me $0.00. I currently have 121 friends. 1 more than I had yesterday. How much did it cost me in advertiseing? $0.00… I have had my account for about 4 months and haven’t spent $0.01… Did you check out my myspace? What did you think? Did you find it offensive? Could you find my menu? Could you find my phone #? Did you read any of the testimonials? Hmm I have a couple of pastors who are my “friends”. I wonder how much “my” piture of “my” logo on their spaces have impacted my business. Ohh by the way did I mention how much I spent on this advertiseing? $0.00…

It takes just one jack@ss with a semipornogr@phic picture, some jerk with an offensive post, and the whole match is shot. While my understanding may be limited making me ignorant, but I see the possibility of having one person link as a friend, alerting others, then comments, and that just isn’t something worth my hassle in my marketplace. Word spreads in the more conservative quarters of my county that I am a MySpace marketer, and I likely lose some credibility from that second onwards. My demographics lean heavily towards the parents who are skeptical drive the kids away from MySpace rather than a group that embrace it and celebrate it . . . and Its the life I live in my market. Your market is very likely different than mine.

There seem to be lots of windows of opportunity for outside elements to add potentially unwanted content to the page. You may tell me that if I keep up with it and am diligent, then I can control it. I don’t want that sort of maintenance issue to commit time to.

My website has no option for someone to add anything whatsoever to it that I don’t want to see. That is the sort of control I want over an element of my marketing plan. Like I said, I do not think ill of anyone for using that forum. I will not really have an opportunity since I don’t frequent that system. For my shop in small Grantville, GA . . . the risk and cost in time and resources really outweighs the potential value of generating new customers. The day may come when that changes, and I am definitely open to that possibility. Today, not something I’m up for.

I’ll spend my time and effort on the parts of my marketing plan that we already have. There is always a cost and always a benefit. Nothing is all good and all free that I have found.

One last post on this subject.

I think EVERYONE would agree that Word of Mouth is THE BEST form of advertising. Myspace is nothing more than “on-line” word of mouth advertising. By the way, What would your customers think if they saw how many times your posts on this forum had a @ in it? ie jack@ss, d@mned…? I would think that a person with over 1700 post on this forum would have 60 seconds to check out their myspace. Just my opinion.

I really like to check out myspace and see when my “friends” birthdays are. When one of my friends have a birthday I send them an e-mail with a free pizza certificate attached. So I guess you are right. It does cost me something. 1 free pizza a year for each friend. WOW!!!

myspace may not be right for EVERYONE, but it sure works for me!

russ cox

And that is the only thing that matters. After all, we are each trying to figure out what works for us… often in the face of conventional wisdom.