nacho cheese

anyone use a nacho cheese dispenser? how long can you keep the cheese in one? do you clean it every night?

It has been a while since I’ve looked at these, but I think the brand is Gehls. They have a bag dispenser system. The dispenser is something like $250.00, but they give you several free cases of product to offset the price. Cleanup is supposed to be really easy. I’ve seen it at a foodshow, but I never pulled the trigger.

On Food TV today they showed an episode of “Unwrapped” that featured Gehl’s ooey-gooey nacho cheese sauce… Looks like their plastic bag system make the mess less messy…

I always just kept mine in a steam pan with a pan saver liner. Works great, and you don’t have trouble cleaning the cooked on cheese.

My other shop has the dispencer, which is alright but kind of a pain when it gets low. It’s just a steel plate that sits on top of the bag to “push” the cheese out.

I do use the Gehls cheese at this store as well, but i squeeze it out of the bag into the steam table. Because I use a lid with a slot for the spoon some moisture escapes if you don’t use the cheese within a day. I just add a little water to it and mix it up and it’s back to normal.

All in all, love the cheese, not the dispenser.