Need help with baked potato idea

Just watch your holding temps. I believe federal minimum is 135F now, but I prefer 140-145 for hot holding.

To grow botulinum spores, you need temps between 40-140, and in a low/no oxygen environment,
Wrapped is fine, as long as they are held hot,
to cool them, unwrap them, space them out in a single layer. and get them rapidly chilled to below 40F, rule of thumb is from 140 down to 70 in the first 2 hours, then under 40F in the next 2 hours, with good airflow in a commercial cooler, this is doable
I like to bake taters unwrapped. brushed with a little bacon grease, then sprinkled with some coarse/kosher salt.

I made “smashed taters” for dinner last night…Cheese, Bacon & Sour Cream…They were so good…