Nemco slicer

ran out of canned bell peppers yesterday and sliced some fresh ones…
:smiley: what a better difference…got to get me one of thos Nemco slicer like Nick just got to do the fresh ones,

Canned bell peppers? I have never even seen them… don’t want to. You are right, fresh is a LOT better.

We hand slice bell peppers, onions and tomatos. It works fine. Pepper and onions don’t take much time. We go through maybe 50 lbs of romas a week when we are slow and 100 lbs in the busy season. Somebody is slicing tomatos pretty much every day.

I’ve heard from users that the Nemco slicer is really nice…unless you have unutilzed labor around that can use a knife…I cannot stock enough bandaid for that,

my hobart meat slicer is even better…what do you guys use to slice deli meats?

I don’t slice deli meats. If we did, though, I’d get the motorized slicer and pay the huge difference in insurance rates :frowning: (worker comp sees slicers as primary cause of fingers getting sliced open and cut off . . . go figure)

my planetary mixer has a #8 hub instead of the #12 and the slicer does not fit the #8…otherwise, that sounds like a good way to go,

We slice / dice everthing through our food processor (similar to Robot Coupe) - sliced tomato, mushrooms; diced onions and capsicums; shredded cheese, seafood mix.

We used to buy pepperoni instcks and then slice them as well but for 50c a kilo extra we get it alread sliced - saves heaps of time and labour cost for the same product.

Just put a diffrent cutting blade in for each requirement. Quick, easy and consistent, and no missing fingers. Easy to clean also.

We have two and wouldn’t swap them for anything.


we use a deli slicer as well it seems we get such a fresh product when we slice and dice daily

I bought a Nemco Easy Slicer and a Nemco Easy Tomato Slicer, about two weeks ago.

I love them. Total investment was about $400.00 but well worth it for the speed and consistency I needed. We can now do a days worth of vegetable prep that used to take about and hour in 15 minutes. That is time for other stuff to get done.

I wish I would have bought these when we first opened.

nick, correct me if I am wrong but workers comp in GA is based off your payroll, not your equipment. I have a mechanical slicer and my workers comp could care less, just what I pay in payroll

Our conversations with WorkComp agents informed us that the base risk group is determined by the TYPE of establishment that you are. A pizzeria is a different class than a deli or a high steel construction company. Part of their questions to establish our group involved asking what equipment we used . . . and if we specifically had an electric slicer. If we had one, they would have listed us as a deli, with higher baseline rates. That agent was a bit unusual anyway . . . and we are now with a whole new agent listing us as a . . . . pizzeria . . . and much happier.

Our liability agent at one time asked us about the equipment we used as well.

I like the Nemco because it is not electrical.
Also, I want to dice cheese from loaves so I may have to go electric.

Can anyone recommend a machine ?
I do not use a planetary mixer so I cannot go attachments w/o buying a planetary mixer.


Actually, Hobart and others make units that take the heads, that only power those devices, no mixer, etc.

“Actually, Hobart and others make units that take the heads, that only power those devices, no mixer, etc.” snowman

I am familiar with them and that may be the way I go…space is a high priority with the trailer.