New layout - Good? Bad? Any ideas? Pic inside

OK Finally got a chance to post a layout and see what everyone thinks. This is a 34x65 in size. I have 5 ft from the counter to the closet table, the back hallway is 4 feet.

Tell me what looks good, what is wrong and what needs to be changed. The soda station will be a counter mounted unit walled off so I can put an ice maker underneath.

If anything is hard to see, read or understand and I will attempt to make it more clear. Thanks.

well…it seems to me the work flow between the make line & the deck oven & the cut table is inefficient…where is the table/space to toss the pizza?

I might move the prep table & the cut table perpendicular to the oven…so in slow periods, the task can be handled by one member of the staff…

put the salad prep unit lengthwise against the cut table…make sure the cut table has a series of over shelves to hold your boxes…

get another table for your slap table, next to the make line…

w salad prep o
a cut table w/over shelf v
l e
l slap table - make line n

move soda system somewhere by the old prep area…
make sense?

A couple thoughts:

  1. Swap office area for sink area. Benefits are that you can be in your office but see the kitchen; plumbing closer (bathrooms, dish sinks, mop-sink); dirty sink area hidden from customer view.

  2. Other post is right - don’t forget about box storage -both above that cut table for folded, and someplace else for unfolded.

  3. Check that you have enough shelving storage (you NEVER have enough shelving storage)

  4. You need to verify local code for things like: is one ADA bathroom OK (I needed two)? How many handwash sinks (you don’t show any)?

  5. Ice machine under counter? Do you need ice for other than soda? If not, I recommend the kind of ice machine that just sits on TOP of the soda machine - they’re much cleaner.

  6. What are you going to do with the dough when you pull it out of the mixer? You need a worktable right next to the mixer for doughballing.

  7. Slicer? Or whatever you’ll use to prep veggie toppings?

  8. Scales? I have one on that doughballing table I mentioned, plus one on the makeline.

Just some thoughts!

I would not make a separate “room” for the office in case things are too tight…I have a nice desk made of wire shelving since I needed more dry strorage space that I would have never been able to convert if I had a separate room…also I would keep all the plumbing together by moving the mop sink area and dishwashing closer to the bathrooms side of the store…also I would thing you need 2 handicap bathrooms with that seating but i guess it depends on your code
PS how did you get the pic in your post…neat

Great tips, I will start doing so reworks and incorporate these ideas. I hadn’t thought about the plumbing and moving it all closer. I will move this around and see what I come up with.

As for the bathrooms, I do know code will require at least 2. IIRC if I make them single sex they will both need to be ADA, if they are unisex I can get by with one.

Boxes! It hit me right after posting and looking at the plan again. Where do you put them. Makes sense to have a self above the cut table then maybe shelving above the make line as well.

I wish I could do this in 3D, it would be easier to see things in perspective.

If I move the sinks to the back where the office is would this creat more work when clearing tables and having to take all the dish items to the back of the store? Seems like when you try to make one area flow better another area suffers.

Hand washing station - totally forgot about that one, I will get it placed near the make line.

So you think I should create a 90 degree right angle with the make line next to the ovens like a corner? I did have a couple of floorplans like this but teh front of the kitchen was tight as it is not as wide as the back prep area.

How long if everyones make line? I put in 8 feet as a standard size. As for the ice machine I guess it is not needed as I was thinking the soda station would be self contained with an ice maker on top. More of a back up. This space could be used for storage of unmade boxes.

I appreciate everyone taking the time to chime in on this. I plan to stop several pizzeria over this next week (on spring break vacation traveling) taking some photos and notes of the various set ups. Hopefully this will help in nailing down the flow and a final floor plan.

Can you clarify what type of operation you will have–dine in & carry &out?
dine in carry out & delivery? will the dine in have table service?

what other foods are you going to have,cheese stix,wings,i do not see any reach in freezers or coolers for frys ,and the like…

no fryer???

you are lucky if only 1 handwash sink is required…I needed 3!! My code is every 15 feet…as for ovens, prep table, and cut table work it as a triangle with the cut table close to the counter for maximum efficiency…also consider the fryer for profits but it does come with additional cost and space requirements (hood, fire suppresion, and freeezer space)…as for dirty dishes consider a custom waitress station that has compartments for bus tubs, (mine holds 8 - 4 shelves, 2 to a shelf) self serve soda fountain with ice machine on top (compressor underneath), and garbage can…the waitresses bus the tables, and the dishwaher gets the tubs after they fill up to clean in back
PS dont forget about BIB soda syrup

Looks like a Cici’s Pizza layout.

Ci ci you later !!

Looking at dine-in/carry-out fast casual. Place your order and seat yourself. Most likely we will take the pizza to the table. Deliveryt will be later after we establish the dine-in business.

No fryer at this time. Heathly menu selection with emphais on all natural/organic selection. Menu will consist of pizzas, gourmet salads, 6-8 micro taps, and a few desserts

I woulod also add a refigerator in the front lobby or dine in area for a bottled or can sodas,water juice etc. and a locker for employees clothes

What is a micro tap?

Just like a tap, but really really small.

(It’s beer!)

Another area I forget, the cooler for the 1 litre and 2 litre sizes. Lockers is another good idea.

NorthWest is know for good craftsman beers. Seems most of the guys I get a beer with drink the local micro brewery stuff over the national brands.

o you intend to add a micro breary in the space you have allocated/

No, we are not brewing but bringing in a popular local brewer, Silver City and then have a couple of taps for “brewer of the month”. Rotate out the 2 flavors every 90-120 days. Keep some variety and another hook for keeping customer coming in to try something new.

Lockers REQUIRED here…(health code I think)