New to Pizza, looking for expense estimates.

Hey everyone.

New to the pizza industry, but have been in the fast-food industry for 4+ years. My store isn’t necessarily geared towards Italian food, but I expect to serve a decent amount of pizza with toppings. We will also be serving hot sandwiches, burgers, cheesesteaks ect. A little bit of Americana.

My other stores are franchised operations that serve burgers, chicken, cheesesteaks ect, a similar operation. Our food cost generally runs around 29-30% the last year or so. Beef prices have killed us. We are located in a shopping mall, and sales have plummeted, our rent is over 30% of gross revenues. It sucks. Because of this, our labor is around the 16% range.

With that being said, I am wondering what type of percentages I should be looking at for my store. As said above, I do not plan to have much of a dining room, rather we will be catering to a state university near by. I am assuming take-out will be over 75% of my revenue, with store hours from 10am-2:30am.

I am looking at sales of $380,000 year (7,300 weekly). My shopping center sales are around $700,000. I am taking a rough guess at 380 since this is my first adventure outside of shopping centers.

Does anyone care to share their expense percentages? Also, I will get flamed for this but I am undecided whether I will start with frozen dough, or fresh dough (considering I have zero dough experience).