October is national pizza month...

Just thought I would share in case someone didn’t know.

Also, Halloween is on a Saturday night, could be crazy! I might post a sign that everyone works at least until sundown.

I didn’t know that. :oops:

Is Halloween a good pizza night? We had only been in our shop for 2 weeks last year when Halloween came around and I had heard it was one of the biggest nights of the year, but it wasn’t anything special for us.

Biggest night of the year here.

I’m doing a promotion with a friend who owns a haunted house which is open every weekend in October. http://www.newhotelofhorror.com/ They see 10,000 in one month, 2,500 a weekend, if they have 15 bucks each to go through it, I’m sure they have another 15 for pizza and wings! All my servers are excited about dressing up this year and I’m doing a Murder Mystery Night as well. I wanna turn October into a huge month!

Halloween is a huge night for pizza sales!

A Little Caesars I know expects to break their Halloween record of 500 pizzas last year!

Remember, Mom and Dad are trying to get the kids ready, they aren’t cooking. And its got to be fast, because it all happens after they get home from work. I would do box toppers and emails the two weeks before, so you can get it in Mom’s head that you’re the plan for dinner that night, and she can check that off the list!

I don’t imagine too many folks will use that night to try something new…so broadbased advertising like newspaper or doorhanging might not give the best ROI. Reach out to your customer mailing list with postcards, or better yet email (its cheaper or free), twitter, facebook, text message, etc.

Go into Saturday with MAX prep, and make sure you staff up for the rush Saturday, probably from 3-sundown. Then at sundown, its pretty much all over with, cut’em all loose. Plus there are so many kids on the neighborhood streets, the driver might take double time after dark for each delivery.

The corollary to this is the week prior, especially Friday, might be slower, as people move their pizza night to Saturday. You might relook at the schedule that week and trim here and there to afford heavier payroll on Saturday.

Good Luck