Ok, talk me down here...

Hi there, I am, in the next 8 weeks going to be a new pizza store owner… I am rounding up my business plan right now, and sooooooo stressed out I cant even think right now. When I started on this “adventure” I thought, oh what a great idea, I would love to do this…food is my passion, and so is business. being in the business world for years. Here is the thing, there are so so so many details im getting boggled. Please tell me that working on my business plan, sweating the details will make things easier for me, and that when the business starts alot of the little picky things will start to come into place!! I am not thinking that things will be smooth, just that somethings will just come natural and not seems so damn complicated!!! AAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!
Rant done, thanx for listening…
Stressed Canadian, :wink:

LOL, welcome to the world of “jumping through hoops”! Don’t worry about it. It’s almost as if the banks pile all this junk on you in the beginning to see if you’re determined enough to go through with everything. Stick to your guns. After this whole process is done it all gets simpler and you’re just running a pizza place.

We’ve ALL gone through it in one form or another. Going through banks is WAYYY tougher on your psyche than borrowing from relatives or getting financial backing from a private party.

I’m actually surprised you haven’t been turned down yet. I think I got turned down at LEAST 4 times before I found a bank that believed in me. So, actually, most of us went through this a few times. Imagine what that stress level is like. :x

And remember: Just ask questions. We’re all in this together. And we’re all willing to help. If you get stumped on something and need a little advice, post it. I’m sure dozens of us are willing to put in our two cents. -J_r0kk

Again thanx j_r0kk!! You are always there when I need it!! I appreciate it, and believe me, you all arent done with my questions yet, just wait till I open!!! hehe
:shock: :twisted:

I am with you!!! I am working on my business plan for the second time now!!! My hard drive in my laptop died on me and the ghost of that drive is no good either!!! It is a tough road but you will make it, one way or another. I am excited to hear about your opening, and believe it or not, I am looking forward to your questions about opening as well. If I can be of any help I will of course do whatever I can for you, but I may just need some help from you in about three or four months!!! LOL!

Wow great to hear we will have another Canadian on board! Where are you openeng? If you need help with anything let us know. Good Luck!

Im in BC. Im being a little hush hush about my location right now. You know how it is, im opening a take & bake and very nervouse about letting anyone in my area knowing what is happening. But the blow horn will be blowing in the next month or so. When we start building. I hope my questions can help you too!! good luck, and ill keep all informed of my progress.

You know you’d be a LOT cooler in my book if you would slap a couple of Lincolns or Middlebys in there. :wink: -J_r0kk