Online Ordering for You, The Restaurant Owner

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Thanks for your candor Charles.

You joined the same day you are pushing a service. That is not the what the Think Tank is about.

I am trying to gather topic specific information about my business as it pertains to industry professionals.

I welcome all suggestions, comments, and opinions.


All of my suppliers offer online ordering. The question is how do you think your service could improve on any systems that you have no control over. I don’t need or want a middleman between me and my suppliers. Even the sales reps tend to cloud the issues of ordering from time to time.

I highly doubt that you could provide a value added service in my case.

Though we are considered a Middle Man, we stay out of the way of business between you and your vendors. All information is provided by your vendors, uploaded by them. Orders are generated from our site and go directly to your vendors immediatly when you order.

You may place your orders as specific as the Item # and Quantity.

If you could order from all of your vendors at one place, using the same system for each order, would you view this topic differently?

Any stories out there about how salesmen “cloud the issue of ordering”? Lack of information? Misplaced order?

Catch you on the flipside, Daddio.


After looking at your web sight I know I personally would never use that type of service. If the suppliers want to pay you to act as their “agent” that is one thing but for you to charge me to use it NO WAY.

Daddio, thanks for visiting the site.

Our site is open to anyone, vendor or buyer. We are not acting as “agents” for any of them, though we do advertise the services of all of our vendors on our site.

The subscription allows for a clean site, free of outside advertisements. This is a professional system.

Any information regarding the benefits industry professionals need? Order tracking, price tracking, new vendor information?

No way I would pay either just to add another layer of administration. I just don’t get the value here. And I sure don’t get how this is any benefit to pizzeria operators, which is the intent of the site.

Place orders quickly, reduce errors in the order process, find new products, stay on top of pricing fluctuations, and keep well organized records of your past orders.

How many times have the wrong products show up at your door? Have you ever played the game where, sitting in a small circle of people, you whisper a sentence to some one and try to pass the sentence around the circle, only to have the final statement come out confusing and nothing to do with the initial statement?

Now, imagine everyone is sitting in a circle with a laptop and passing the message along with Instant Messenger. They can simply copy and paste the sentence, even print it out and pass it to the next person if they want. Ill bet the final statement in this situation is very similar to, if not exactly, the initial sentence.

How would you like to place your next order? Over the phone, or online in printable format?

I already place my orders on line so I still don’t see what your value would be. Can you expand on how adding you between me and my supplier would make thing less likely to have errors?

Sounds like you have a Vendor who is on the ball. If you already have this functionality our product might not be for you and your vendor.

We have designed our site so that other Vendors can have the online capability without having to spend the 10’s of thousands of dollars $$$ to set up and maintain their own ordering system. Did you build your oven? If you did I am impressed. Why would a Vendor or Distributor build his/her own ordering system?

We are a tool that enables you a steamlined communication system between you and your vendors. We not only aliviate costs for you and your Vendors on the front end, but we also help you manage your ongoing costs keeping you up-to-date on the information you need to know.

As far as how does Klick Kitchen reduce the amount of errors in a given order? Vendors upload their product listing to Klick Kitchen and all you have to do is add the correct amount to each order. How much simpler can it be? Your Vendor recieves the order displaying his product information and the quanity you want.

Correct Orders=Less Errors=Less Waste

Great Question,