opening 3000 sq ft pizza bar

can anyonetell me what to expect sales wise what package goods and a bar would bring to the sales of the pizza shop 1500sqft bar 1500sqft,24 seats pizza/11 stools,24 seats bar.thanks

about 987.24 a day

give or take a couple dollars

That’s about what I came up with but was a bit higher at $1043.72.

give or take a few dollars . . .

of course its a bit different a further bit north . . .

Would population play a role in the $$$?

Did you guys account for the 11 stools? I came up with $1155.81 per day. I am in the Northeast so that is the standard here.

upon further review, taking into consideration the stools are covered in fabric , as opposed to plain wood, bar sales might be a bit higher since the stools
are more comfortable. Add 13.49 to the daily average.

You have to give us some more info Big Joe. Where are you opening, what’s the competition, population, free standing building or inline strip mall etc…etc…

I believe what everyone is trying to say, is no one can give you a sales projection based on your square footage. Thinking back to your business education, you realize there are a variety of factors that will impact your sales. Your marketing plan, your pricing, your market and the competition, not to mention what happens within your four walls: service, quality, cleanliness, etc.

Your question implies you have not done a thorough business plan, which only increases your chances of losing money.

Please feel free to ask any specific question on this forum. That is why its here. But your sales projection can only come from the specific plans layed out in your business plan.

Look at it this way…In my 1400 sq feet, 40 seats, I started at $2000 per week. I now do $7000 per week. Which number between 2000 and 7000 do you want me to offer you?

good luck to you.

Napoli hit it on the head. Lots more info is needed before picking a sales number out of the sky. For alcohol sales, it could even include the average number of days with rain between 4pm and 10pm and average temperatures at your location.

Population, median household income, number and types of households, business parks, number/type of other eating places, position in the market (cheap bar and grill versus Applebee’s style versus upscale), number of parking spaces, free standing versus commercial center LOCATION LOCATION LOCATION . . . menu variety and price points, beverage types/variety/price point, projected table turn time/rate, hours of operation, statutory hours of alcohol sales, delivery?, take-out? near a college/university campus? Professional or college sports venues, other entertainment venues, televisions in the dining room? . . . . operating capital in hand to generate marketing events, overall marketing plan and effectiveness . . .are you asking for 1st year, 4th quarter, 4th quarter of 2nd year?

We need to know at least some of the Lots of variables will drive the gross sales other than the bar and “package goods” which I am guessing is retail package liquor? I don’t remember if we have someone doing retail package alcohol sales or not. As a general WAG, I am estimating a 30% increase in sales first year we get beer/wine pouring license. That is for our business in our 2500 person town.

the more information you can give us to understand your business and the marketplace you operate in, the less blind we will be in offering suggestions. Right now, we can only throw at the “Flaming Dart Board of Random Answers” to be of any use. And even with information, do remember that we’re pizza guys and not Harvard Economists :smiley: Wisened by experiences, but have flour under our fingernails.

thanks for the input i understand i didnt give any detail.i know this isnt everything but some. 3000 sqft. im in central jersy.the town were opening in 13,000 househods,2 surrounding towns 10Kmore households.were in a strip mall 4 other stores on a heavily traveld road,corporate,industrial,and a lot of contractors travel this road.median income ibelieve median income is $59K.median house price is about $250K surrounding towns where i live house about $289k. there will be 5 taps,wine by glass and bottle,package goods 3 door fridge bottles, 6 packs ,wine will be open 3pm- 10pm 6 days a place open 11am-10pm.area is loaded with corporate,schools,day care,retail. oh yeah i figured in the 23K households (3 towns)small towns sq mile wise there are 12 pizzerias.only 1 has alcohol.the best part of the deal is we own the building and are the contractors so no lease pay mortgage with other storesin mall.cant think of anything else if anyone would want to try again please very interested in what you guys think.thanks for all the help.

Can you tell me what your population is?


hi creampuff,
population in the town im opening is 13,800.towns next to me another 12,000.these towns are only 2-3 sq miles in size

Where abouts are you located?

somerset county