Opinions on “Restaurant” – “Bar” or “Restaurant & Bar”

We are currently setup as a fast food style (come to the counter and order, we’ll bring you your food) Restaurant on one side of the building… and on the other is a full blown Bar.

Now, I’m looking to sell the location, but would like to know if I should keep it as is, or change the setup to a Restaurant & Bar style (like Chili’s, Buffalo Wild Wings, Hooters) to interest more buyers?

Currently the Restaurant is just as stable as it always has been, but the bar (since the smoking ban in IL went into effect last Jan.) has slowed so dramatically, it’s not even worth being open… which is causing the restaurant to pay all of the bars bills. Summer is always a slow time for bars in the area, but picks back up in the winter… but other bar owners are worried no one will come out then either just because of the ban.

All thoughts and opinions are greatly appreciated!

If you have any questions, let me know.

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I have no bar experience (other than standing at one) but I think you have answered the question for yourself.

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well my main concern is if I DO change it over, will it generate 2x’s the business for the restaurant… in which it would sustain both sides and make a profit.

There are no other Chili’s/Wild Wings style restaurant in the area, so I have nothing to compare it to.

I’ve been trying to find sometype of profit margin information on-line for a regular Bar VS. a Bar/Grill style, but can’t seem to find anything usefull.

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Are you selling the real estate? Or do you rent a space (or two)?

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I am renting the spaces.