oven baked subs

whats the BEST way to deliver these? we do foil wrao in sandwich bags and sometimes I think they steam themselves and sometimes soggy!

wrapped in foil and sent in 8x8 styrofoam container, then in a paper bag

We are looking into this as we do not want to deliver soggy sandwiches. It looks like the quality of the bread itself is a big factor. Premium breads such as Rotelli have a well developed cel structure and just do not soak up the moisture like cheap brands. You can also make sure that meat or cheese is between liquids and the bread, but then you have the problem with seepage.

Still working on it.

We wrap in foil then place in a #8 bag…We never get compaints…doin about 36-48 heros per day

besides my 3 pizza shops http://www.odbj.com[/url] i own and operate am independant sub shop [url=http://subworksdeli.com]http://subworksdeli.com and we delivery everything.

we wrap all subs in deli paper “dry waxed” and when they arrive they are still great…not soggy. I think wrapping in foil will always make your bread retain too much moisture. The subs go in a paper bag for delivery.

We did a lot of toasted and baked. A vented container (so many options out there) worked well. The restaurants competing for curb delivery for take out are really stepping up to the plate in this area. Check out a Ninety-Nine, Chili’s, Applebees.