oven decision

Hi, hope you can help. First the required background… Small take out and delivery pizzeria, small town Canada. Menu is regular pan cooked pizza, wings, pasta and ribs. Largest volume in one hour was 25 orders. Currently using an old Bakers Pride 541 electric deck oven. Problem is oven can not keep up with those “slammed” periods. Limited by the following… No gas or propane possible. Must be electric. Have maximum of 60 amp circuit at 240v single phase available. Can not increase the footprint of my current oven ( 45"x66" ). Have to be able to cook more in a shorter time (minimum of 8 14" pies at a time). I keep coming back to the Doyon piz6. Why do I not see this oven around? It uses less electricity, cooks more pies per hour and costs a lot less than a conveyer. What am I missing? Can I use my pans in it? Can you tell me about another product that fits my needs? Any advise greatly appreciated. Clive, Pizzability, Sooke, BC,Canada.

Have you talked to the people at Doyon?

I am using their FC2G2 gas ovens but prior to buying them I had a good chat with them about their products. I beleive the reason you do not see many is the fact that gas is cheaper to use than electricity. Another reason may be because they are a Canadian company that have not really gone big time international.

There is a bakery in the same stripmall I am in that also uses Doyon ovens. I am not too sure of the model but this lady did her homework on all the equipment she bought and she is happy with them.

Thanks Daddio, I suppose your right. I am pretty well the strange one using electricity to cook pizzas! I will call them tomorrow and ask them the same questions. Clive.