Oven HELP?

We currently have 2 BP y600’s and 2 BP 805’s

In the summer we are fine because the rush is stretched out over a longer period. During the winter we are in trouble. We fill them up and have at least 5-8 waiting to go in. I thought about getting rid of the two smaller ones and buying 2 more y600’s. that would let me gain the ability to fit 2 more 16" pizzas per oven, but I am still going to come up short. I can’t fit a RotoFlex in my store and I have never used a conveyor with screens and so on. What would be a reasonable solution?



you can fit the rotoflex in the store if you already have those 4 ovens wasting space. its only 6’x6’

A reasonable solution might be one of the new, high efficiency air impingement ovens in conjunction with the Hearth Bake Disk from Lloys Pans. Properly set up, this wil give you a hearth baked characteristic on your pizzas that is essentially identical to that which you get from baking right on the hearth of a deck oven. The bake time for these pizzas will be consistent at 5.5 to 6-minutes (once you find the time, it will be consistent at that time). Best of all is the relatively small foot print of these ovens. You should be contacting any of the following to find out more about their ovens (XLT, Edge, Avantec, Middleby-Marshall, Lincoln) They can also tell you about the Hesrth Bake Disks too.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor

Hi Jimmy,
If you normaly works with a Deck Oven and now you would like to work with a conveyor - my suggestion will be the Stone Conveyor from Picard.

You will have both : Picard’s LP-200 fully automated – Conveyor type and Superior baking quality (Pizza is cooked directly on stone (like a Deck Oven), a proven process to cook a much superior quality pizza overall.)

We can send you more informations if you want - the stone conveyor please contact us info@picardovens.com or visit www.picardovens.com