Panago introduces personal warming bags

Panago introduces personal warming bags
Written by Panago Pizza
panagoDec. 3, 2008, Vancouver–For a limited time, Panago will offer their customers a reusable bag to keep their pizzas hot on their route home. The reusable thermal bag, which customers can use to keep a wide range of foods warm, is available at Panago from December 1, 2008 to March 1, 2009, for $2. The uniquely designed bag is exclusive to Panago.

“As people become increasingly stretched for time, it is evident they are turning to better quality take out options for their families,” says Alex Green, VP Marketing. “The insulated pick up bag is a reusable tool that will allow our pick-up customers the opportunity to maintain the fresh, high quality of Panago products from our ovens to their tables during the commute home,” he states. Pick-up orders represent a large portion of business for Panago. Locations such as the downtown Toronto store have 45% of customers opting to pick up their orders.

“With high gas prices effecting delivery charges across the board, the pick-up segment is becoming an increasingly important part of our business,” finishes Green.

Can you supply these?

I have never seen anything like this…I suspect it is custom and you probably have to buy a container load to get them close to the $2.00 price…

Pizzaguy had one that he picked up last year as a sample at the pizza show in Vegas. I have several customers that have asked for something like this.

That’s a great idea if the price is right for the customer. To encourage repeat business, you could have the bag customized with your store name, logo, and phone number, and maybe give a % off discount when it is brought in to be used on future orders. It can encourage brand loyalty at your store(s).

Offer them for sale by the register as a last second add on item.

Come to think of it… Is there a disposable item like this? A paper bag with a foil heat liner and a few holes to let the steam out? Just a thought.

There is this one
but I do not think it is any where as substantial as the Panago bag and more money…

Yuck! That looks like the kind of bag I’ve seen hundreds of electronics items (like circuit cards) shipped in. Not very visually appealing to me.

I got one at the show last year but they run bout 5.00 each and minium of 500.00
It is something I am looking at when i visit the pizza show again this year

I’d be curious to find out where to get those and what they cost. The pizza hot bags just look too cheap.

I talked with a Panago owner I know…Their (small) store received 900 in their 1st shipment…So with 160 stores in the chain (and over $120 million in sales last year), an order of 150,000 pieces is not hard to imagine…