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That bs. I eat 2 - 12" pizzas a day! (literally, no exaggeration). I’m eating one as I type this, lol. MMM, meatball, garlic, onion and bacon…

Ah, to be young again. I used to stuff myself at the Pizza Inn buffet on the same day as swim meets in high school. No problem. Now I gotta watch it.

Pizza is my ultimate downfall. It is unfortunate. It seems like I’m ALWAYS craving it… hhmmm… could that have anything to do with reading this forum? Or designing Pizza ads all day long?

Oh, I forgot. I NEVER say pizza is unhealthy. Because it is NOT unhealthy. I define healthy as using quality ingredients, and not the latest fad… low fat, low carb, low taste. Everything in moderation.

I agree with you Charles. My only issue is the amount of butter used during our process. Buttered pan, butter on the crust before it goes in the oven and again when it comes out. Without all that butter, a medium pizza would actually be better than a double cheese burger at McDonalds.

Funny, I’ve never been a big pizza eater. I could probably count on one hand how many times I’ve ordered pizza in my life. I’m constantly eating it to monitor the product and experiment but I would never actually think about having one as a meal. Not that I can remember the last time I actually sat down and had a real meal as I really just sample all day long . . .

For the 25 years that I have been in the business I have probably eaten an average of 5 or 6 16" pizzas per week. Pizza probably accounts for 80-85 percent of my caloric intake.(gotta wash it down with some beer!) Although I don’t expect to live to 120, I don’t consider myself to be in poor health. Until someone proves otherwise, I’m going to “eat more pizza” as it says on my license plate. I just finished slice 11 and 12 for today!

He hit the nail on the head with moderation.

There are some of our customers that literally order pizza EVERY DAY that I worked when I had a full time schedule.

You know that they are eating the whole pie if they’re ordering again the next day.

There’s no telling what other stuff they are putting in their stomachs along with the pizza, too.

And, as I’ve said before…perhaps not here…but I know I’ve said it in person.

Nothing makes me more disgusted than to see people ordering pizzas with double meat and double cheese and taking off all of the veggies, except for maybe fresh mushrooms (probably have the nutrition content of cardboard haha) and possibly black olives, which we all know, too many are quite fattening.

It’s that type of “childish” eating that is leading to obesity, coupled with the lack of exercise that people now get compared to even 20 years ago.

Everyone (my family included here) are so focused on sweets and treats type eating that nobody knows what is really good for them.

If parents model enjoyment on eating healthy things, so will their children.

We adopted our kids, and it is SO frustrating for them to always BEG for soda, or if I bring in a box of little debbies to last for a 2 week span, they’re gone, literally, in 1 or 2 days tops between hubby and the kids.

So, I don’t buy it anymore, and sodas are off limits except for ONE a day. That just takes away the arguments, you know.

Had they been my biological kids, they’d have only had soda as a birthday treat, along with sweets (as it was when I was a kid). I may be fat, but I can’t stand sweets…but my fat is all hormonal, not from eating too much.

Soda and sweets were a REAL treat, NOT an entitlement or an expectation daily.

Okay, off my soapbox for now haha.

You only live once, mine as well enjoy it and eat whatever you please. My parents, when I was younger, tried limiting my intake on bad foods and soda. That only led me to eating more garbage foods and drink soda when they weren’t around.

Smoking is really bad for you, yet millions upon millions of people (not me tho 8)) smoke… So what does that say?

Sure, if the parent stocks bad foods and sodas and consume them themselves, like smoking, it does send a bad message when you try to limit your child, but indulge yourself.

But my kids came from an environment of junk, and I mean JUNK food (sunflower seeds smothered in ranch dressing type junk eating), whereas I am quite the healthy eater, so yes, it’s been a huge adjustment.

It’s so sad to see they’d prefer soda over water or milk when I actually prefer water and milk. But, as they learn what we enjoy and don’t enjoy, they’re also expanding their palates, too, so it’s not NEAR the issue it was when they first moved in as it is now.