Pepsi vs Coke

Anyone have any opinions on either as far as pricing, customer service, any horror stories

I would be willing to bet that service varies by distributor. Service includes order accuracy, equipment service, helpful sales suggestions. In our market Pepsi is a LOT better. Billing from Pepsi is a PITA though. (Over the years we have used both)

On the beverage assortment, Pepsi kills Coke. They have a much stronger list of products. All in all our sales went up when we switched to Pepsi.

I don’t like pepsi at all, and I drink Diet Pepsi. I had 3 vendors doing my soda pepsi coke and metro beverage, I use 55-60 cases a week and 3-4 bib. Well pepsi wanted all and bugged about signing a 3 year deal and great prices everything else,
well they bugged me for 2 mos. and finally got tired of ordering from 3 and like I said I still drink pepsi, I said yes and they did nothing for 3 mos me asking salesman where is the contract nothing. Went on for another month, and I got tired of asking I called Coke rep and asked he could do what pepsi was doing and low and behold they were there the next day with the product list,cooler list and fountain machine list. Long story short I had to sign no contract with coke and pepsi wanted me for 3 years. they said coolers and fountain machine would be there in 1 week and it was no b.s. Just my experience with them they treated me like they did not want my business. I’m not the biggest account but it is not a small one.

Could you guys share what the COG is like, say for a 20 or 32 ounce coke versus the same for pepsi? Are they roughly the same cost to you?

It is very interesting to hear that sales went up with pepsi. For me I like coke better, but I would go with what the people want. I always had this idea that the general public was split 50/50 on it :wink:

I would eat at Taco Bell more often if they had Coke products instead of Pepsi products. When I am forced to eat at Pizza Hut (buffet), I hate the Pepsi. The long and short is that you need to go with what’s most popular in your area. Ideally, you would serve both, but what you serve for a drink can and will impact business. A restaurant with cans or bottles seems “cheap” compared to those with fountains (and free refills). If they can’t set up a soda fountain, why should I think anything in the back comes from anything but a bag or can?

I had an excellent partnership with Coke. At the onset I asked the Rep to manage my coolers. I put it all on him and he did a fantastic job with the best sellers and variety.

They did my box toppers and when we were top sellers, they did new menu boards (beautiful) and a new roof top sign. Excellent customer service, pricing and product variety.


Just spit balling here, but maybe you should not think that way because good pizza doesn’t come out of a fountain?

Maybe we should make our own cola drink. “Fresh, Homemade Cola Here !”

Doing this will give the impression that everything else that comes out of the kitchen is fresh and homemade as well. :wink:

Taco bell and Pizza hut… CMON now!!!

What does “spit bailing” mean?


It says spit balling on my screen. You must have some cheez whiz stuck to yours.


1)To toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming
to pass, to brainstorm.
2) To make harmless jibes or attacks; make weak accusations.

It says spit balling on my screen. You must have some cheez wiz stuck to yours.


1)To toss ideas around with no expectation of them coming
to pass, to brainstorm.
2) To make harmless jibes or attacks; make weak accusations.[/quote

td_ I have never used cheese wiz, so that could not be the problem. I wonder why, however, when I asked in the ever so empty chat room you did not correct me there, but opted to here.

Anyway, no big deal. Maybe life will be more interesting now that I have cheese wiz! GOOD LORD! I am not here to battle which probably deviates many PROFESSIONALS from participating.


Were you spitballing right there ?

I didn’t answer you in chat because you called snowman an idiot. Plus, I don’t like you.

I was simply answering the question you posted on the board. Relax.

Were you spitballing right there ?

I didn’t answer you in chat because you called snowman an idiot. Plus, I don’t like you.

You did not answer me in chat because you are what is more commonly known as a troll on boards. I don’t know you, wherein, I simply dislike your actions. I dislike the way you never leave here. Most O W N E R S can’t get here but when they do, there you are, again and again.

And PARDON ME for not entering you not so popular popularity contest.


Ms. Diva,

Me and three other OWNERS(people that still own pizza shops) were discussing POS systems when you came barging in asking about ‘spit bailing’. Now, as important as explaining ‘spit balling’ and not ‘spit bailing’ to you was to us, we pressed on. Then you called snowman an idiot !

Exhibit A:

GT[9:27:44 PM]: there are certainly some of those and i can check that with our POS
GT[9:27:52 PM]: yes td
paul7979[9:28:28 PM]: only 2 POS systems I know of catalog by address as well as phone number
paul7979[9:29:05 PM]: you can export to spreadsheet and sort and see how many dups there are
GT[9:29:37 PM]: point of success can search by phone, name or street
paul7979[9:30:21 PM]: but if I give you new phone # and same address, will it tell you the record exists already
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paul7979[9:31:03 PM]: hello PD
PizzaDiva[9:31:03 PM]: Does anyone know what “Spit bailing” means?
GT[9:31:08 PM]: no, and neither will any other
mattbau43[9:31:14 PM]: nope
PizzaDiva[9:31:15 PM]: Hey Paul
GT[9:31:30 PM]: until u put that in the system
paul7979[9:31:34 PM]: Revention and InTouch POS will
paul7979[9:31:57 PM]: spit bailing, never heard it
PizzaDiva[9:32:12 PM]: I read it in a post by Nick
PizzaDiva[9:32:16 PM]: spit bailing
PizzaDiva[9:32:22 PM]: rather interesting term
PizzaDiva[9:32:28 PM]: I’d like to understand it
paul7979[9:32:44 PM]: how did he use it
PizzaDiva[9:33:01 PM]: sorta like…I am not spit bailing here but
PizzaDiva[9:33:10 PM]: its in the post about coke and pepsi
PizzaDiva[9:33:31 PM]: and the idiot that posted low scale shops use bottles and cans
PizzaDiva[9:34:22 PM]: I am thinking he used it in a fun sort of way which is why I am so interested. The dude is funny
GT[9:35:07 PM]: just out of curiosity paul, does that help to have that feature? and if so why?
paul7979[9:35:54 PM]: I don’t use either system but I like the feature
paul7979[9:36:13 PM]: I have many addresses that have multiple phone numbers
GT[9:36:17 PM]: but what do u like about the feature?
GT[9:36:26 PM]: as do i
paul7979[9:36:45 PM]: by having them sorted like this, I can do lazy customer mailings
paul7979[9:37:34 PM]: without this, I send someone a “haven’t seen you in a while” card when they ordered from me yesterday, just from a different number
GT[9:38:05 PM]: i will have to check if mine duplicate addys
td_VP192[9:38:27 PM]: that’s why we’re sending more generic postcards
td_VP192[9:38:59 PM]: I’d rather send the postcards and make sure ppl that haven’t orderd get them
GT[9:38:57 PM]: how does it handle cell phone calling from different addresses
GT[9:39:20 PM]: i agree td
GT[9:39:51 PM]: and if someone who ordered yesterday gets a deal, well, that’s ok too
PizzaDiva[9:39:58 PM]: ok, if you guys figure out what spit bailing means, let me know! Ciao
td_VP192[9:40:18 PM]: yeah, it’s a bonus for them then
GT[9:40:16 PM]: maybe it should be spit balling
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Very helpful Ms. Diva ! We need more contributors like you on this board. Worry less about me and check yourself.

Okay, so I barged in to a chat room owned by PMQ. It matters NOT what you were discussing; it is a chat room.

I’m not engaging in your negativity any longer.


Wow, that is so mean. You can call me an idiot if you wish, but I’m an idiot CONSUMER. I can think of several “restaurants” I’ve been to where they served only bottled or canned sodas. I cannot think of a single one that I’ve returned to. If you’re a del/co, then no harm, no foul. Bottles and cans most certainly travel better than fountain soda. However, as a DINE-IN customer, I want refills (not pay for another drink), plus I know that fountain is cheaper. It simply makes a restaurant seem like it’s not set up to be a restaurant. Cans and bottles make me feel more like I’m “roughing it” or picnicing than dining. I went to a Fox’s pizza and they at least had 2-liter bottles. The dine-in area was pretty small, it was very warm (or hot) inside, and a 2-liter and 4 plastic cups was our drink of choice. Now, imagine that image. We’re sitting at a table with cheap plastic silverware, foam or plastic plates, plastic cups (cheap ones) and a 2-liter with no ice available (the 2-liter was cold, but still like ice). Please tell me that this isn’t the type of “atmosphere” you’re trying to accomplish. If it is, then I wish you well, but it’s not a place I’d choose to eat at a second time.

I have to agree with Snowman. I know there are sometimes limitations and conditions that prevent putting a fountain in but from a consumer standpoint I don’t like it. It does feel cheap to me and if I’m dining out I want refills and don’t want to pay for them. A precedent has been set – fountain drinks and free refills.

I think if you had limitations or obstructions to putting in a fountain cold bottles served with a glass of ice would be a good alternative. Even if you didn’t have ice, a glass bottle in a nicer image than a can.

To be honest, I can’t even fathom a place that bills itself as “Dine-In” serving only cans or bottles. I agree with snowman; very tacky. I could see a debate as to putting the machine in the dining room or behind the counter, but I can’t imagine a place not offering fountain drinks.

On topic… It’s totally going to depend on your area. I have plenty of Pepsi horror stories! I switched to Coke and have been very happy with them. But you’ll get the exact opposite story in another part of the country. It might be a good idea to go around talking to manager and owners of other restaurants. They’ll be able to give you information on both of them.

Along the same lines, don’t ignore what the consumer wants. Pepsi and Coke have about a 50/50 market share here for restaurants, but most places will have a dominant brand. I don’t care if I drink Pepsi or Coke; I can’t even tell the difference. But there are A LOT of people that can. It seems like Coke has a more loyal customer base. When I had Pepsi, I had many customers tell me they wish I served Coke. Since I switched to Coke, nobody has told me they wish I served Pepsi.

Make sure you play them against eachother to get the most for your dollar. See what they’re willing to throw in for free. Both of them actually gave me my icemaker, which is unusual. But we told both of them that it would take the icemaker to close the deal. They both folded like lawnchairs. Pepsi “provided” the icemaker and retained ownership of it. When I went to negotiate with Coke 2 years later, we were moving enough product that they just wrote me a check for a new one.