does anyone know how to attain the pharm reps? ive tried callin the drug companies and goin to pharmacies and to doctors offices.

Why? Thinking about putting mood enhancers in your pizza? LOL! Just kidding. Seems like an odd question for this forum though. Just sayin.

well in a post someone else had they had the idea to contact pharm reps to get them to use your food when they shmooze the doctors office. I dont know if you know how they work, but they tend to kiss a lil butt in order to get the doc to prescribe a certain brand. So i thought not only could i get business from them, but i could also put a menu on the box for the doctors office to order.

After reading the first post about the pharaceutical reps I contacted two local drug stores that order from us. They gave up four names in total. I’ve been in contact with all of them and have received positive responses from them all.
But no orders as of yet. It’s only been three days though.


WHY contact drug reps…R U serious? In the US alone drug reps, nationwide expense about 8 billion dollars (expense, not their money). You see they will call you a day in advance(if you develop a relationship w/ them) to let you know they will be feeding 10, 20 , 50 people (that is what they do to get their drugs in a particular DR office). Most of the time they simply say here’s my credit card, make sure the food is enough to go around and include something for one of the doc’s who like’s veggies! I currently have about 6 that order from me w/ the average order being about $200. You’ll know in advance, they pay in advance and they usually toss a $20 tip on the ticket! If a well dressed person comes in to pick up 3, 4 or more pie’s from ya, they might be a drug rep! You can also spend about an hour outside a busy DR’s office and you’ll find 1 or 2 rep’s. good luck!

Im with Pizzapad…drug reps are GOLDMINES! Never ask for prices, always order much more than they need, and tip around 20%. I have about 10 that order regularly and drop everything to personally service them. Makes me feel better everytime I pay for prescriptions that they are “giving back” :wink:

we have a couple medical buildings in our area…
I think I may approach the office manger with a proposal
each order they have catered thru there phar rep, we will give them a 10 percent store credit to use for the office at a later date

ok, but how do i get their #s?

u need to only me in good with 1 person…
the DR.s office “office manager” she is the person who keeps the lunch schedule.
IE the reps call her, tells her they have a new drug, they need to educate the nurses and staff on the blah,blah,blah of said drugs.
The “office manager” then books the meeting, she also TELLS THE REP what to get, pizza, hoagies, salads, ect. AT THAT POINT YOU WANT HER TO SAY…something like, DR. Peabody really LOVES XYZ pizza they are only a few minutes away and they always give us a great product!
Now as far as your concerned, give HER whatever you’d give to any other customer who drops, $75, $100, or even $200 at a time with you. I’d say a $25 gift card for every order you get from her office (who cares which rep is buying - that’s too much to keep up with) everytime an order ($75 or more) goes to her office, I’ll be holding or dropping by a $10, $15 or $25 gift card.
Now this works for me because I have a dine in place and a $25 gift card will feed her whole family. SHE needs to be your go to girl.

How do you get to her you ask…
Easy, you walk in the door (with lunch for 10) introduce yourself as the owner (wow, she feels special the owner from xyz pizza…the best in town has come by to see her) drop off the lunch w/ menus, discounts for future visits, pleanty of business cards & A BIG SMILE!
Then as you leave, almost as if you forgot…you say “By the way, I am putting together a catering plan for some drug reps that service this area, would you mind making me a copy of the 4-5 drug reps that call on this office the most?” And when they ask tell them to order from us.
TRUST ME, the answer (as she is stuffing in a slice of steaming hot pepperoni pizza) is…sure hang on!
NOW the key here is the drug reps CAN NOT BE HARD SOLD, because it’s not their $$, it’s an expense account, they do have guidelines as to how much to spend per person, but it’s usually pretty high. Pizza will feed alot more people than any other food, so they look at the total as a per person price. What is THE MOST IMPORTANT THING TO THEM is that the “girls” & DR’s are HAPPY!
WHEN you get an order, and you will, don’t screw around and forget ice, plates, knives, forks, napkins, drinks or selection! If the drug rep is your best friend & the OFFICE MGR hates you, there is NO ORDER! The copy of the business cards (you get from your office manager) are for you to drop a note, with a soft introduction and to let the rep know that YOU are the pizza place of choice for DR so & so.

Additionally, the office manager always holds the DR’s credit card number for training sessions, office meetings, or extra hour sessions!
DID I SAY she’s your new best friend?
Hope this helps!

Wow! I really had no idea. I’ve seriously never heard about this in Canada (in southern Ontario). I’m going to look into it though! Thanks for the 411 on that!
I love the Think Tank!


The Pharm Rep business is not the most ethical.

We have this one person who spends $2000 a month. He likes it fancy. We deliver the whole deal. Pasta, table cloths, chaffers, mints… (he actually lands a lot of deals because of our food and service)

He has up to $500 to spend on each lunch. We charge him about that every time even if it is $200.00. Then we give him gift cards so he and his wife can eat for free.

It is hard work but the money is good.

The best way to get more reps is to get the people in the medical offices to fall in love with your food. Reps usually ask where they want lunch from. Once you get to know the people in the medical office, leave your card and say “when a rep asks give him my card”

Also Chick Filet gives a 5% money back. So if you spend $1000 with them at the end of the quarter they will give the rep $50.00. The reps get something for spending their boss’s money at their restaurant.

I have tried to contact reps even sent a letter out. I got nothing. They are not the easiest people to contact.