Portion cheese on pizza's

Hi everyone,

In my everlasting journey to make the perfect pizza (according to given recipes by the franchise company) i’m looking for portion cheese cups.

I know Papa John’s use them and Domino’s had the “auto cheeser” in the past.

As for the cheese I’m looking for fast / simple ways to decrease the costs for it. In Europe there is not a lot available for this. Hope you can help me out!

Pizza Hut and PJ’s use cups, I believe.
I had 32 years with DPZ so know the auto-cheeser well.
The AC has been dis-continued by DPZ- parts are no longer available and they no longer sell them. Stores that have them can still use them but that will probably change down the road.
The AC “image” no longer matches the DPZ Pizza Theater remodel- too automated and “robotic” Umm… ok… but selling half-price pizzas is ok, I guess.
There are really just two options, I would think (for you); Cups and scales.
Are you looking for portioning ideas or… literally… just the cups themselves?

If you use Grande cheese, Your rep will set you up with portion cups , The diced is easiest and most accurate to measure

Think I’m just looking for good portion cups while still making the pizza’s fast.

Just my two cents here.
Cups are better than nothing, but we have found them to be inconsistent due to the cheese being warmer or colder or more or less compacted. We buy feather shredded whole milk mozz in 30 pound cases, 6 bags 5 pounds each, the bags on the bottom of the case are always more compacted than those on the top. Just as Tom always recommends using weight for measuring ingredients for baking due to inconsistencies, the same seems to apply to measuring cheese.


How many ounces of cheese is everyone putting on their pizzas now a days. I know we have talked about this in the past but it would be interesting to have some updates.

Our standard is.

12 inch = 8 oz
14 inch = 10.5 oz
16 inch = 14 oz

When I had my stores:

12": 8 oz
14": 10 oz
16": 12 oz

We weighed cheese on every pie- if you were a bit over +/- 1/2 oz I was fine. (but no less)
My favorite was watching somebody hit the tare button, look at the scale as the cheese goes on and stop at 13, 14 oz for a large… ? WTF? I used to yell out “Hey, Stevie Wonder… WTF?”
Of course, I am so old… and they are so young that they’d say “Who?”

10" 4 oz
12" 6 oz
14" 8 oz
16" 11 oz

we use a scale to portion cheese, either a foot pedal tare or a photo sensitive eye

My Grande cheese rep said to use 6 minus the size of the pizza. So a 12 inch pizza would be 6 oz. Supposedly that is only if you use Grande. So maybe 2 ozs more if you don’t use Grande.

I know the weights of my pizza’s, we have standard recipes for that. I’m just looking for a way that my employees don’t “over cheese” them. I want them to follow the recipe.

Use a scale to get consistency. We sell well over 2000 pizzas a week and even during the busiest of rushes we weigh the cheese on each pizza. If it’s what you’re used to, it won’t slow you down.

12" 6.5 oz
16" 11 oz
18" 14.5 oz

7" - 2oz
10" - 3oz
14" - 7oz
16" - 9oz
20" - 15oz

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Must be nice. I live in the land of gluttony. Our customers would storm the castle with those portions.

I think everyone loves more cheese, but we’re very plentiful in our toppings… regular cheese pizzas might seem a little light and we’ve considered bumping it up some but haven’t yet.

How much cheese are you putting on your Extra Cheese Pizzas?

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Extra cheese is
12 inch 3 oz
14 inch 4 oz
16 inch 5 oz

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You do have to add a bit for “cheese only” if your portion is on the lower end.
Michael… one word; Scale. And it needs to be used.
There are also ways to make using a scale fast and seamless in your ops.

Can you share some tips to make using the scale faster? We are currently using a cup, but I think a scale would be much better to use. We have this scale sitting in our back room not even being used because everyone says it slows them down too much during our rush (coincidently, when its needed the most!)


Ha Ha… that’s funny. Not sure what the hell that is!
The key to the scales- for me, anyway- was to have them seamless.
I had my makeline grates cut and modified so the scales sat just a hair below the surface and you could slide the pie right onto the scale… cheese it… and then slide it down for toppings.
Whatever you do- whether it is not having wires in the way, having convenient displays at eye level, easy to use tare buttons, scale platforms that don’t get in the way, etc… you just want to make using them easy.

URNUTS, You wouldn’t be able to post a picture of your setup would you? I am trying to get a good scale system implemented as well. Thanks!