POS Change Needed -Seeking Feedback

Any Operators using Toast POS, in a fast-casual Pizzeria? We are currently using Point-of-Success and it’s just time for a more stable system. I have had a demo with Toast and looks great on the sales reps laptop… but hoping to learn more of how it handles real day-2-day operations, inventory, integrations with QuickBooks/Vendor and reporting capabilities.


I’m not to familiar with Toast. But keep in mind cc processing fees, I think Toast might be one of the ones that locks you into one provide which could be hundreds more a month in fees.

Look at Speedline

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What Steve said! I use Speedline as well and I wouldn’t change them for anything. They do pretty much everything.

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Very happy with Toast. I had Micros and Aloha before them and they are so much less expensive. They make their money on the cc processing fees but will match what you are paying currently. Very user friendly and integrate with Grubhub, ubereats and more. Feel free to call me. 301-461-2326 Bob at DCPizza