POS System


I want to get POS system with 1 or two stations. Which way should i go? and how much to expect to pay for it?

Well, it depends. If you are computer savvy, you can build your own for under $3k. If not, expect anywhere from $8k - $20k depending on who you choose and what they talk you into getting.

I realize that a POS is quite a chunk of change for a small operator, however, they are a very valuable tool…My local indy does not have one…When I order for delivery I alway tell them I am the house with the “2 big trees and huge rock fireplace”…When they are busy they do not write it down…And because they go through so many drivers I usually get a phone call “where are you?”…Now sometimes this is before the pizzas leave but often it is while they are “trolling” my street" and my pizzas are “chilling”…With the Chain store the info prints automatically on the delivery slip…Also, the chain store asks me if I want my usual salads with my order?..With the local indy if I forget and they forget they miss out on $7.00…The POS can pay for itself in increased efficiency, add on sales and the client data you can mine for future marketing…

Royster is right. Being able to see customer info and any delivery instructions has saved me a ton. It also impresses them that I know who they are, and what they order. In this day and age, no pizza shop should be without one. I have had mine for almost 2 months now, and it has just about paid for itself. Can’t believe I actually used hand written tickets!

Which one did you get? i am tired of asking for address haha

I purchased Point of Success. Very pleased with it. Pointofsuccess.com

Which screen did you use? I dont know much about this… where can i purchase the whole thing touch screen and all that.

search ebay for a dell p4 optiplex…pick one w/decent ram (512) & a r/w cd/dvd…s/p approx $150-$225…buy one 4 each station & one just to function as a server…search again for “touch screen” monitor…look for the brand ELO or Phillips (others may be available) expect 2 pay $150-$225 each…search again for an Epson brand printer (thermal) 88III or something similar…hook up your network & GO!

wow that sound cheap. So you guys dont suggest going with like diamond touch or do it yourself?

I use the computer alot but im not a computer geek or something. But i checked out these softwares and their not expensive. what is the best way then buy a computer touch screen and just buy the software and it will work just like the speedline or diamond touch>?

I built my system from all new equipment and the Point of Success software for less than 1/3 of what it would have cost for a diamond touch system with the same type of configuration. If you are at all computer savy I would recommend going this route.

Yeah i have to do something by the end of this month.

I use pos pizza,
very rarely have any trouble and fixed VERY FAST
I got in dirt cheap loaded up the program on a computer and bought a touchscreen on ebay (125.00)
please I am looking for some feed back please tell me what the $10,000 system does that mine doesnt I am just curious

The way I saw it when i bought my system is it takes capital away from another important part of your operations start up.

Look into aldelo. The software is very affordable and yopu can build your own hardware system

amen daddio

It doesn’t come with the menu pre loaded, which makes it just about worthless for me. If I purchased it and needed to program my menu into it, it would never get used. I purchased two used systems that needed this done, and they just sat around till I sold them. Finally I purchased a “full service” system and have never looked back. It’s a lot better than paper.

so whcih is better and no problems… build it yourself buy computer./touch screen and buy software install it … or go with diamond touch? or the other place…

That just depends on whose opinion you agree with. Point of Sucess or POS Pizza would be 100% useless for me as I would never learn how to program the menu and I am not capable of making simple repairs to computers as things go wrong. But if I went with Point of Sucess and was able to to program my menu, and I bought new hardware, I could have had my system for about $8500 instead of the over 20K I’m into for my current one. Which is better? For me it was paying for someone else to do the programing.

I just downloaded the demo and I will tell you that the interface is not anywhere as intuitive as the expensive systems I have checked out: Revention, Intura, Speedline. I did nto even check all out all features because of that. But the price is hard to beat, I’ll give you that.

If anyone wants to go very, very inexpensive, FreePOS might suit you. Better than no POS at all. They will be rolling out a more sophisticated pizza module in March.

We are a few weeks away from making a firm decision. It is definitely hard to swallow the 15K-20K for a full-blown highend system. So far we have looked at:
FreePOS, DiamondTouch, Revention, Intura, Speedline, and Point of Success.