POS Systems.....help. Pizzeria POS?

Anyone using these people?


Looks good. No pricing on site that I could find though.

I’ve Had them for about 2 years very easy system to learn. Tech support is good they have the ability to tie right into your systems and fix any problem via internet

I did find something on pricing. It said that a basic system can be leased for five years for as low as $12.00 per day. Wow what a deal…I pay out $21,900.00 over the next five years for a “basic” system…and then I still don’t own it? Holy cow !:shock: The system seemed really nice and to be exactly what I was looking for…but geez. I don’t want to sound like a cheapskate but, WTF!

If you are computer savvy, I would recommend Point of Success. It’s easy to learn, programming the menu is a breeze if you get the training videos and their support forum is great. If I post with an issue, I get a fairly rapid response. Every issue I have had they have been able to get me through it in just a few minutes. I can’t believe I was able to run my shop for 6 months without a POS.

Wiseguy, what are you expecting to pay for a POS system? I’m into mine for $20+K without leasing. If I leased, it would be $30K. And you do own it at the end of the lease, there is typically a $1 buyout. The leasing companies will entice you with low interest rates, but they are not calculated the same as a simple interest loan. You pay interest on the whole initial value for the life of the lease, without ever paying down any principal.

There are a couple of lower priced, do it yourself systems, if you are inclined to do all the programing. even these would cost me $8K or better to set my store up the same as it is now. Caller ID integration, Credit Card processing, makeline monitor, label printer… They all cost.

Even if you lease at $12/ day, or even double that, the pos will pay for itself pretty quickly. I ran my store for 7 years witout one doing as much as $17K weeks, but I would never consider going without in this or any other venture again.

Here’s my setup:

2 stations, 2 printers, 2 touch screens, fingerprint reader, pole display, cash drawer, callerID box, 2 cc swipe readers, Point Of Success Premium with 2 license, CallerID server, Mercury Payment server, future order monitor, time keeping, menu building training. All of this for about $2500.00. Not too shabby in my opinion. I got most of my equipment from eBay, so it was cheap. I did buy a couple of new inexpensive items but all in all it was well worth it. I checked out every possible vendor I could and none of them could even come close to this.

Now granted, if I have a hardware issue there is no warranty, but since I have been building computer systems since 1995, I’m not real concerned with that. I back up my data nightly so no worries about losing everything. There are some limitations with PoS, but for a starter system you can build from the ground up it ain’t half bad 8)

Can I get a h#%l yeah!!! I was ready to spend more than that…but not $20,000.00! I think I can buy the hardware (even new stuff) and then a software package for a whole lot less than 20 grand. I could set it up myself…maybe with a call or two to the tech line. Most systems offer phone support for technical issues for about a year. Some say that they have next day on site repairs and replacement…I live in rural West Virginia…I don’t care what they promise…if I call them, they will not have someone out here the next day.

If you are looking for new computers cheap keep an eye on this website www.rage3d.com/deals , they track quite a few of the big guys including Dell and sometimes there are HUGE savings to be had. Like yesterday Dell had a half way decent notebook for $399, and lots of desktops really cheap as well. Good luck!

I set up my Point of Success (3 stations+dedicated server), used ELO touch monitors, epson printers (2) for less than $2,500…a few limitations, but an expected minor update is due shortly…couple it w/QuickBooks & its a dynamite package…

I use Point of Success. I bought dell computers. I’m not computer saavy enough to build my own computers and all that, but I still got the entire package (4 stations, all touch screens, 3 printers, CC Processing with one CC Swipe, Future Order, Caller ID, Time Clock, Scheduler) for about 6k. And really, I can’t do anything less than the big boys can do. Definately worth the money to have a POS, but not worth the money to spend 20k.

I too switched to point of success earlier this year. I picked up the computers at staples for $499 and i use regular flat panel monitors 19" from Staples at $149 a piece. We use the keyboard and mouse to save instead of buying touch screens. Got a Star 600 Printer from POSworld.com for $165. So as you can see, way less than 20k. I am very pleased with point of success.

I guess I may as well get on the band wagon as well. I have been using Point Of Success since day one and have always felt the product was the best for the money spent. I would have spent less had I gone with used or refurbished equipment but as it is I bought all new. when all was said and done I spent $5000 on equipment and software with all the bells and whistles. This includes the wireless network equipment, 5 stations, 2 sets of touch monitors, cashdraws, receipt printers, the whole nine yards.

The tech support from Jeff Ward and his crew is great.

I guess you could say I am a fan.

I am part of Signature Systems (Pizzeriapos)
Your slightly confused by some things regarding leasing.
1st: you’ll own it from day one. there is a $1 buy out which makes it a lease and allows you the advantages of leasing.
2nd: that $12.00 is the LEASING numbers not ours. The leasing company will make their interest off of that $12/day estimate. Your welcome to buy the system out right for much less-however MOST people are not in a position to do so, that is why we offer leasing.
3rd: As a few have said, what we offer you is EVERYTHING, soup to nuts. we run the wires, we do the menu, we do the training, we stay with you several days at YOUR location, we offer 1 year ON SITE tech support as well as 1 year warranty on equipment and even loaner equipment after the warranty for customers who maintain service and support contracts with us (which includes software updates as well, and continued ON SITE tech support)
while point of success may be fine for some, and i am not bashing it here, many find the process of setting it all up themselves and trying to learn a system without on site tech support more than they can and want to handle, for others who have posted here, its a fit for them. My point is people are comparing apples and oranges. if this were a car it’d be buying an engine from one guy and buying the rest of the car elsewhere and putting it all together, compared to buying a car at the dealer. for me, i’m going to the dealer, for others, they want to build it from scratch.

Whatever you decide, best of luck, i just want you to have the facts about the seemingly large price disparity that isn’t really all that large when you realise how much we are truley offering. Not to mention the features and ease of use which i would put up against any POS company out there (had to be a saleman somewhere in this)
If interested contact us, My name is Mike Reinecker/Signature Systems-Happy Thanksgiving.

Installing software, setting up a menu and connecting network cables isn’t quite like putting together a car.

A better analogy for today would be comparing roasting your own turkey, mashing your own potatoes and candying your own yams to buying a prepackaged Thanksgiving meal from a grocery store.

Whatever you decide for your restaurant’s POS system, I hope you and your family have a spectacular holiday.

I RESpectfully and totally disagree with your analogy
maybe mine was a bit extreme but to me yours is extreme the other way
lets leave it at the idea that yours needs a more hands on approach by the buyer while ours does not but costs more

I would have to agree with Jeff on this one. There are also partners with Point of Success that WILL do the hardware part if you need it. There is nothing that justifies the outrageous costs that POS companies are charging people. You can wrap in any pretty packaging you like, but paying over $10k for a POS system is price gouging in my book. Now those who are not computer savvy might believe the BS that vendors are feeding them, but for me I know better. If people did not agree with this then companies like Point of Success would not be selling software. The company that can out together an all in one package and not rape people for the hardware and sell it at a price point that is reasonable, they would own the market. Unfortunately most POS companies try to get as much cash out of a customer as they can.

I don’t begrudge anyone making a profit, just don’t make it all from me!

Point of Success is a very good system for its price. I met the people from there at the pizza show a couple of years back and they were very professional. I did not buy that system because it didn’t have certain features that i wanted. I did buy a high end system but am very happy with my purchase. It paid for itself in 6 months. No more math errors, ordering taking in 15 seconds, the list goes on…

I was hesitant to make the switch, but now, i wish i bought it earlier.

Haavrik, you’ve been building computer systems since 1995, your hardly the AVERAGE pizza guy.
you get what you pay for. people could say the same about charging $11.00 versus $8.00 for a large pizza. to a customer looking to buy a pizza he may say your gouging him, yet your using 100% Grande’ mozzarella and fresher ingredients, make the dough each day etc etc, heck you could be making less profit on a pie than the 8.00 guy
heck, its pizza, and pizza is pizza by your logic. thats a ridiculous statement, as is the one you made about “the bs vendors are feeding them”

i’m not looking to defend ALL pos companies but i know mine very well, most of our business comes from referals. That must mean there are a whole bunch of others who would disagree with you about what you pay for a pos system and if it was a great decision to go with us or not.

Best of luck, glad your happy and passionate about your decision to go with Point Of Success, but to imply those that don’t go the way you did are some how getting lied to is off base. In my book (*and others) there are hundreds of reasons that justify the fair and incredibly competitive costs that POS companies are charging. once again, this whole thread is comparing apples and oranges, not apples to apples.

Lets see, if I can buy a Dell system for $499, but the POS company is charging $1k for it, I would call that gouging. It is apples to apples. Software vs. Software. Anyone can pull new Dell systems off the shelf and install the software. The hardware does not make you unique. The software does. Yes, you do add value to those who do not know computers buy running cabling and setting all the hardware in place, that I am not disputing. What I am disputing is the outrageous charge for hardware that you all seem to enjoy. Take away the hardware factor and let the software stand on it’s own merit. Now let’s see the REAL cost difference.

POS vendors want to tell you “Oh, we use this hardware because our software was tailor made for it. We know it all works together”. Well, once again a Dell is a Dell. Unless you manufacture your own hardware and use proprietary components then it all boils down to software, and what do you charge for that alone? There’s the real difference.

your still off base
we do not use dells
they are designed for offices not pizzerias
they also handle their own warranty stuff
if you have a problem your calling the pos guy and he says call dell,
dell says its the software
your in the middle screwed
Your problem seems to be not really knowing how we and others really run things

As for software, i would put us up against anyone out there for pizzerias and prove easily why we are worth what we charge

I’m off enjoying thanksgiving now
have fun
nice bantering with you