Pos systems... what’s everyone using

What’s everyone using ? Not looking to break the bank. Maybe 10-12k set up. Looking into Union pos. Heavy pizza and full service restaurant. Dine in take out and delivery.

If you are tech savvy and able to do your own setup you can get a decent system from Point of Success for much less than the 10-12k. I have been using it for 16 years and have little to complain about.

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Agree with Daddio, if your on a budget Point of Success is probably the best POS. We used it for 15 years before upgrading to Speedline. I love speedline but point of success wasn’t too far behind.

If you do get “point of success” I highly recommend getting it through a dealer called A custom POS.

I love point of success. very simple to use.

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I was looking into upserve and Union pos. However I wanted to do my own processing.

Speedline Solutions. Cost depends on number of stations. Can’t imagine using anything else

I have been with Prism by Microworks for 20 years, great customer service and totally integrated web ordering and delivery navigation.

Foodtec…if you want all the bells & whistles and a all in 1 solution especially for delivery it is great but not cheap

We were about 18k for 4 stations, all networking components, and setup. My only regret was that I didn’t know I could set it up myself and have them do the rest of the work remotely. Speedline, I believe, started a tablet system as well for table service. I thought I remembered seeing that somewhere, I don’t use it because were an informal dine in order at the counter or kiosk

Prism by Microworks. It’s simple, effective, and the company owns, distributes, & provides customer service. No BS from resellers (speedline) or trying to deal with a big corporate structure (NCR’s aloha)

What BS are you referring to from Speedline? A mark up?

Its not unique to Speedline, but when a reseller sells you a product and then stops selling and servicing it shortly thereafter. That was my experience with them. All of my problems have been with resellers. I know this isn’t everyone’s experience. When I deal with Microworks, its dealing with people that actually work for the company and have more of an interest in solving the problems.

Gotcha, I’ve never really had an issue with Speedline that hasn’t been rectified. I’ve had to upgrade equipment or software due to windows compatibility but that’s about it.

Hi Mike–just to let you know that the SpeedLine reseller program is no longer active, so our software is now sold and supported directly by us.

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I am looking to o switch to a new POS system as well. Most of the posts other than this one are years old…
can people please provide who they use and why?

Using Speedline. It is extremely feature rich, well priced within the POS systems, has an awesome online ordering system, top notch tech support, and an incredible delivery management system.

I’m now torn. We’ve been using Aloha/NCR for about 10 years but wow it seems to go down daily. They are offering us an upgrade of equipment and to their cloud based system but now I don’t know what to do. We are one location, we don’t do delivery aside from GrubHub and using their drivers. We have two terminals and 4 printers and do lots and lots of phone orders and our own online ordering system (thru Aloha) and then a GrubHub tablet. We are used to leasing the system and paying a monthly fee rather than paying $10-20k upfront. Never heard of Speedline until now. Our old Aloha rep now works for Toast and is trying to talk us into using Toast. I would probably need some in person hand holding for implementation of a new system and not just video chat to set up the whole thing…

Speedline integrates with Chowly to bring all third party orders to your pos rather than having to put them in from a tablet. Speedline never goes down either. I think you would be very happy switching to Speedline. Feel free to message me

Hmm, ok. Do you pay monthly and lease the equipment or do you buy the whole system outright?

When we purchased it, we went through a leasing company and leased it that way, but as far as Speedline was concerned, they were paid in full before shipping.