Price you are paying for cheese this week

I bought 1000 pounds today at $2.33. LMPS in 45lb cases of blocks.

$2.88 Sorrento whole milk diced,

$2.73 Grande whole milk block

$2.61 Mozz, Prov, Muenster Shredded

who are you getting your cheese from?
i have been looking at doing a muenster blend myself, but can not find it cheap enough.

A regional company here called Sofo Foods. I don’t know where you’re located, but they’re out of Toledo, Ohio. They go into Pennsylvania, all of Ohio, Most of Indiana, and I think all of Kentucky.

Where are you located?

Illinois,Chicago area
i just checked their website,they do service this area,thx

I also know that they send trucks to Chicago area once or twice a week to pick up inventory. These trucks are specifically used to get groceries from manufacturers, but they have been known to take an order or two in the past if they know that it will make their trip more worthwhile. Usually they require higher min. orders to do this. Just throwing that out there in case they say you’re too far.

Good luck. I’ve done well with them, I’ve been with them for about 6 years now, and order approx. 98% through them.

2.81 Grande Whole Milk Block

$2.29 WMLM mozz loaves

I just don’t understand how cheese prices can be at an all time high right now. This is usually the time of year where you start seeing the prices fall off. I mean, I can understand an all time high in August and September… but the end of November? This is crazy.


Fuel cost for transport and driving the ethanol business
Ethanol using up corn which feeds cows
High beef prices leading to more animals raised for meat rather than milk production

My price increase is going into effect this Saturday. 50 cents on a pie, 20 cents per topping. I raised the delivery charge to $2 earlier this year. Side orders will be going up 25-50 cents. My most popular combo is going from $20.50 to $22.00.

DITTO! I just raised my whole menu .75 for pretty much everything.Trying to keep up w/ the Jones’s/Uncle Sam.Man for an uncle he treats us pretty darn nasty ay?


$3.22 50/50 shredded Grande’ OUCH! :shock:

I’d like to pay $3.22 for Grande…
it was $3.94 here in AZ a month ago,


…just got a qoute for Grande whole milk diced from Roma in Tempe, AZ

2.55 bellisimo whole milk

Just got my delivery today…


We’ve changed our cheese also. We went to diced QLC cheese from Leprino.


Saputo LMPS $2.08. My supplier charges based on what they paid, so I will soon see the increases. My local sams club has stella blocks for $2.33 and shredded for $2.52.