Problem with Post Office.

Hello all,
Last week I did my first saturation mailer. I did half of a zip code. Around 3000 pieces. They were dropped off on Wednesday. Today when one of my drivers delivered an order to a apartment building he notices a stack of our envelopes lying on the lobby floor. He brought them back to show me. There were 30 in total(thats the entire building). I then asked another driver that lives in teh area we mailed, he has not recieved one of the letter yet. I went over the list and there are 2574 apartment addresses and the rest were single family or duplexes.

The mailer previous to this one was to existing customers from my database. I got a 11% response. or 110 back on 1023 mailers. Now I understand that a saturation mailer you wont get a great response because of the amount of vacencies but I still should have had at least 100 redeemed by now. As of today I have had 11 redeemed, not even 1%.
I have been mailing enveloped letters. I did not want to use oversized postcards because of the size and that all of teh apartment buildings in my area have the small boxes and I spoke with my carrier and he told me that most of the oversized stuff just ends up in the junk mail bin in the lobby.

Is there someone that i should talk to at the post office or the BMEU?


I have no idea what is so bad about saturation mailers, but from my own experience, I can say I got less than a 1% response. My database post cards average 16%.

I did a saturation mailing to every address in my delivery area by carrier route this spring. It started off terrible as I would mail 3000 pieces and get 12 orders using those specials that week. Ofter mailing 29000 total pieces, the last of which was mailed in early june, I have gotten over 1000 of the main offer redeemed and over 250 of the 2 secondary offers redeemed. The best part is the coupns are still coming in almost as fast today as when I first mailed them.

Well I stopped in to the BMEU and spoke with a supervisor. he photocopied a few of the letters that I brought in and said that they should have been put in the mailboxes and not left on the floor. He is suposed to get bask with me later today. We’ll see, if he doesn’t I’ll stop by the SCF and speek with the Postmaster about this issue. I meen I paid to have my letters delivered into the mailboxes not on the floor of the lobby.

Definately speak to the post master. I know a letter carrier that was involved in a situation like this. . When he was first hired and being trained, the person training him told him that at X aprtment building, the residents don’t want “all that garbage” in their mailboxs. Although it did not make sense to him, he took this as being correct because it is what the trainer told him. I don’t recall how it came to light, but it did so withing a few days of him starting to do the route on his own. He almost lost his job over it, the person that trained him did lose their job. This person had trained almost every letter carrier at that post office, most of them had been told the same thing. That is the only thing that saved my friends new job. There was a huge investigation and for over a year his position was in limbo.
The post office takes this seriously even if a few of their employees don’t.