Prolonging Dough Life

Any suggestions on how to extend the life of dough? This dough will be used for pepperoni rolls that I will be placing in several convenience stores in a few weeks. They will be on a retail counter (at the cash register) at room temperature. I’m concerned about maintaining a quality product that will be okay for a few days in a bag at room temperature. Anyone know of any secret preservatives? :slight_smile:

it can’t be at room temperature, your health department would never let that fly, best your going to do is have it in a cooler and then they can reheat it but its not going to be a very good product. just my opinion.

oh and the most important reason I forgot to add, that could seriously make someone sick…am I missing something here??? maybe I am, I’m anxious to see what the other people respond to this???

after 4 hours out of temperature control . . . meat has to go. There could be some magic out there, and the department of agriculture could be involved with wholesale foods like you propose . . . labeling, handling and other regulations. May want to check on that.

Yep, if it has meat, and or cheese, refrigeration, or irridation.
Approach with caution. Know what the state and local laws are regarding what you are about to do (sell your product from a remote location (where it is not made). Its one thing to sel it from your store front, and it is an entirely different thing to sell it from a C-Store or some type of grocery store.
Tom Lehmann/The Dough Doctor