Question For George.....

We are taking over a space that is only 14 feet wide and 80 feet deep on the main floor. Needless to say it is set up as a galley kitchen. At first I did not see this as a problem since our MM PS360 is only 45 inches wide. But I notice that most of the new ovens are much wider. For example the new XLT’s are about 63 inches wide and the WOW"s about the same. Does anyone have any suggestions on a new model with similar measurements to the PS360. The store will do around $15,000 a week.

The Q-matic ovens are the only ones that come to mind that fit that depth and still have a 32 inch belt. Maybe some of the CTX or other electric ovens. I’m pretty sure Middleby still makes the 360WB ovens that are 53 inches deep.

Hi Cheezy:

As we discussed by phone, All the current new models are wider so they can be stacked 3 or more high.

Send a copy of your floor plan and we will see if its possible to re arrange things.

George Mills