Randell Make-lines?

Anybody use these? What do you think? I am still shopping for a three door unit.

I looked at the Randell and the La Rosa. I decided on the LaRosa and I am extremely happy with it. My last table was a LaRosa and it lasted 25 years. I bought the new one, which is a four door to replace my 3 door.

The Randell didn’t have self closing doors and I didn’t like that. The LaRosa has an adjustable height where the pans sit, and that is really nice. Also the LaRosa holds the most 1/3 containers, and it is narrower than the competition. That was key for me, I had only so much room, and wanted to have as many 1/3 pans as possible. It was a win win. The reach in and ease of use is great. We have our pans in the middle hole and they can be raised higher, almost flush with the top of the table. Check them out at …www.larosaequip.com

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Hi bodegahwy :

Tony gave great advise. I have clients who have purchase La Rosa units again and again.

We do not recommend Randell but because of the low cost a buyer occasionally requests one. No one who has purchased a Randell from us has ever purchased a second one.

Just our clients’ experience others may differ.

You can’t get top quality at low cost.

George Mills

by Jimmy D » Tue Mar 09, 2010 11:00 pm

I have 2 Randell 8411 pizza prep tables. One is less than 3 years old and the other is less than 2 years old. The 3 yr old has problems with the refrigeration and I was told the 2yr old is on its way also. The parts are rotting away on the inside. The older one already had to be loaded up with refrigerant cause it is leaking. I have been given an estimate of $1000 to replace the parts.

My problem is that I started buying Randell because of their reputation of quality and longevity. The cost is much more than most other units. I have been told these situations can happen depending on what you store in the cabinets. Everything I have like pizza sauce and some vegetables are Saran wrapped and covered with a plastic lid. My service tech who is on a quarterly maintenance contract says this should not be happening. In his contact with Randell he was told that we were pretty much out of luck. I contacted them yesterday and have not heard back from them yet. It is a 1 year warranty but I think under the circumstances that I need some answers and some help from Randell with repairs.

Does anyone have experience with Randell or heard of these problems.Jimmy D

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