Recipe Bank Hoagie Rolls . . . a keeper

For those who have not used Tom Lehmann’s hoagie rolls recipe from the recipe bank, and who need a good recipe, his is a very good and very simple one to use. I made up a small run of this recipe today, am very pleased. I’ve not had that kind of success with loaf bread before. Always falls flat or poor baking. His is flavorful, soft enough, but with enough chew to have character, and great instructions. A 25 lb bag of flour worth will bake up righteous, and hold for a few days well.

This is in my rotation for good now. Easy enough to modify, flavor, make signature style with. Try it.

We switched to Tom’s recipe for hand-tossed dough for our school-lunch pizzas after they decided they didn’t like our pan-style crusts. The basic recipe is delicious and we decided not to mess it up by changing anything. Everyone loves the new pizzas.

And a few weeks back when an employee ignored two warning labels and cut all our school doughballs into breadsticks, we followed Tom’s directions for making emergency dough and the results were brilliant.

I was meaning to look to see if he had a bread dough recipe as we’re getting ready to add sandwiches for our dining room. I’m will definitely make a batch. Thanks for the reminder!

I don’t understand the appeal of Tom Lehmann’s recipes. His sp called NY style pizza is a white, soggy mess that tastes like pizza hut and cooks too thick no matter how thin you stretch it.

The hoagie roll recipe can not beat the flavor of an Amoroso roll. They have a unique salty goodness that beats all fresh baked bread. It’s okay to outsource your rolls. You would have to spend money on a bread proofer, racks and labor to get a half decent roll.

If you advertise the fresh made bread, consumers will notice that you are losing focus on pizza and consequently lowering pizza quality. Look at any oizza shop with more than 40 items on the menu - their pizza is always garbage. If you see salads, hoagies, boneless wings on a pizza shop menu, it’s guronteed that their pizza will be awful.

Glad that’s just your opinion.

POM, It is so much more than that: “it’s guronteed”

Aside from all that, we use our 25oz large size doughball to make bread at home. Works great. We also roll it out and put raisins and cinnamon suger on it, roll it up, form into a loaf and make cinnamon raisin bread. One of our customers has done several other variations. Interesting stuff.

We’ll just have to hold out baited breath in hopes that StarPizza’s THIRD post in the Think Tank forum is something that isn’t derrogatory to someone, and that maybe someone somewhere knows almost as much as he does about something. Feeling kinda trollish to this point.

Dude, you really can epxress some opinions and ideas without trying to bully the group or make everyone else wrong. I mean it really sounded silly. You’ll get respect and appreciation for your input . . . really . . . if it is useful or at least contributes.


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I’ve used Tom’s recipe, with slight variations for the past 10+ years…has always worked for me…

These days, I don’t use sugar, but do use more oil…

I’ve used it for my par-baked wholesale biz & my DelCo’s - works just great!

Looking at the Hoagie recipe, it too, looks like a winner…

Because of what I’ve learned from him and my general experience, I created a pretty good cinnamon roll recipe as well…

Star,so I take it it’s not possible that you didn’t prepare the recipe correctly?

I’m guessing he tried to bake it at 9 bajillion degrees for 2 minutes…

Don’t feed the troll.

AND, if you are going to troll, at least try spell checking your wharblegrlbl. I ‘gurontee’ it will keep you from showing your intelligence, or lack thereof.

Actually, Tom’s “New York Style” is the base for our hand-tossed pie. Stop by and as you eat my pizza…you’ll eat your uncharitable words.

I’m sure I would eat my words. I was being an idiot I hope Tom can forgive me for my my dumb rant.

I hope my words do not discourage him from contributing more information here.

Well Star you could “edit” your posts! You could “delete” your posts! Or…my current fav… the mods could remove your self admitted drunken rant from the site! All options. :!:

Nah Michael…he’s admitted an error. It’s our responsibility to welcome him in and help him learn, as he also bears the responsibility to share his experiences with us…both parts in a civil and charitable manner.

Deacon… to clarify… I did not want them to remove his account… just the poor choice of postings to give him a fresh start. :idea:

I just hope none of his family was around at the time…lol…

Any way, bad choice of words, apology accepted so welcome to Think Tank…

Are you using regular High_gluten flour for the Hoagie Rolls or are you getting a special bread flour for them?

Me? High-gluten flour bread flour . . . Gold Medal. Getting some pizza flour this weekend to use.

We pay almost $1 a piece for our hoagie rolls. They’re some of the best rolls I’ve ever had, but DANG they’re expensive.

Amoroso makes some good rolls, too. Used them in my restaurant for a while. Really good, reasonable quality control, and cost nearly 50 cents each. I can make the same rolls for half that price and make them to my specs. Just gotta balance the time to make and handle them, which wouldn’t be so big a deal to do right along with the pizza dough, then portion, roll, rise and bake off. Could even do the baking after the last pizza baked, and oven cooled a bit.

Pre-baked and frozen was really convenient, though.