repeat returns program

Has anyone used this service? I keep looking at the website and it seems like good idea.

I posted the same question on August 6th and got no response…

I like the idea as well. I will be going through their sales presentation this afternoon and will most likely being giving their service a try. Will keep you update on how things are progressing and on the results.

Personally I don’t like a big sales pitch without a description of what the product actually is.

I’ve been looking at Givex as a solution. Its pretty customizable as to how you want to run things but it is not free. Their website gives the full explanation as well.

I seems you certainly get a lot for the price. Not having to do it all yourself certainly leaves you free to operate your store. If you are looking for a turnkey program like that, it seems like a great value.

Of course, some of us like to do all that stuff ourselves…for me, its the fun part.

After going through the sales presentation earlier today I think this would be a great program for those that offer dine-in and take-out only. The logistics of how the rewards program works would be difficult to do for delivery. However, one could use the marketing side of the program for all aspects fo their business.

They offer the first 2 months free and do not require a contract, which is good. However, you must purchase a minimum of 500 loyalty/rewards cards from their vendor partner. Not sure how much the cards are (waiting on their follow-up email), but I would bet they are getting a kick back on this which allows them to offer the first 2 months for free. Also, if your POS system is not compatable you must run the system through a separate lap top with an attached card reader (which you must purchase separately).

I asked for references from the pizza industry that I could call and the sales rep said they were not allowed to give out any of their clients information. I found this to be odd and wasn’t sure what to think of it. If I could speak with an owner that has used the system it would make me feel much better about pulling the trigger.

That’s how all of Kamron Karington’s products are. You guys all know this is a Kamron Karington program, right? Although he seems to be almost hiding it where his name is usually all over any thing he does.

When he is selling his “secrets” its understandable that he not divulge the information – maybe a teaser. But if he is selling an actual product why the secrecy? Fine if he wants to go through the whole sales pitch, but at least give me the product at some point. I find it irritating to go through pages of sales pitch only to find out that I have to set up a sales call to hear what the product is.

There was an advertiser on here recently (maybe they are still here) that had a similar approach (although not as dramatic). I clicked on their banner and went though the process only to find out I had to call and speak with them to find out what the product actual was. Makes me feel like my time was wasted and I just drop it.

He may have a good product but I for one am not interested in going through the whole song and dance.

Pizzapirate, I totally agree with you. I wasn’t defending him at all although my post kind of seemed like it.

I figured so but I was in a writing mood :stuck_out_tongue: