Sad news from Nick's Facebook Page
Nick I really hope things work out for you. Your friendship and knowledge are things I cherish. Best of luck on the path you tread.

A great “cyber” mate who I truly hope I can make “real” contact with in the near future.
An extremely passionate person about his product and his business, who was never backwards in coming forward to give advise or assist anyone else.
Another true blue hard working small businessman who has taken the bullet from the greedy, corrupt, inept big businesses who were the catalyst for the Great Financial Crisis. Unfortunately Nick’s small community was hit hard with foreclosures and unemployment and to no fault of his own could not continue with his dream of Nick’s Pizzeria.
If Nick goes ahead with his spice and condiment products I urge all TT’s to get his products as they are first class - Nick sent me some samples - and will add that something extra to your pizzas and other items.
As past poster and member J_r0kk used to say

Nick - [size=7]You Da Man !!![/size]


I’m Heartbroken. You’ve been here since Day 1. Much thanks to your input on here as it has been always helpful.

Best of Luck with your future endeavors.


One part Daddio left out is the the rumors of our actual death are greatly exaggerated :slight_smile: Realities of operation in a small town that keeps cycling into depression . . . won the day. We made a great run of 7 1/2 years, but we figure it took a global economic event to take us out. It really did. We were growing at 10% to 15% for 4 consecutive months until the foreclosure disaster hit our county. That month we went flat, then the fight began. Not much promise of economic development (or even basic sanity) from our local government or the community, so time to lay to rest this old friend that has been our daily companion, love and burden for these many years. Celebrate its glories, mourn its tragedies and get the heck on with the next enterprise . . . we still got debts, ya know. :frowning:

I’ll still poke around as long as I can keep making a contribution. I’ll get sort of dated in my input eventually, but you guys keep me educated and entertained no matter what . . .

Dave and Daddio, and others. Now that we are not strapped to ovens 6 days a week, we may get to travel out to see places and friends. It’ll take some time, but we really wanna go see Australia, Canada, and Steamboat Springs. And lots of other pizza havens.


I feel like a close friend or family member died…Good luck Nick & Kim…I will burn a candle for you…

Hey Nick… If you do make it out this way, I sure hope to hear from you! Come in the off season if you want to relax. If you come when we are busy I am likely to put you on the makeline!

I am sorry to hear this news. I have the utmost respect for anyone who pushes the chips to the center of the table and even more for those who make an effort to help others with knowledge that is hard earned. You have been there!

I wish the best of everything to you and yours.


Nick, this is a message that is way too common these days. I am truely sorry to see this happen and wish the best for you, Kim, and all your employees. I know this decision did not come easily but give it time to regroup and rethink your next step in life and jump in head first once again. I still get a laugh reading about the “Trainwreck!” Take care my friend. Your voice and opinions will always be welcome and appreciated here on the TT. :frowning:

DUDE! Before we even announced our closing . . . last weekend we made SIX Trainwreck pizzas. That’s a record for a week, let alone two days. The three on Friday were within an hour of each other. Talk about a real train wreck. It wiped out the flow of orders for a little bit. Part of the Trainwreck experience . . . that and no one turned the oven up when we opened from 300F overnight to 525F bake temp. Friday opening was my own little piece of hell. Still . . . six $30 pizzas. I expect a whole lot more this week as people who always wanted to try it actually do try it.

I hate it for you Nick, but I understand your position. I had always hoped to make it down there sometime to visit but my business has turned into a 80+hr a week job for the last couple of years and will continue this way until things improve. Days off are few and far between and they are spent on family stuff. You guys will be able to enjoy each others company for a while without an exhaust fan screaming in the background.
I do hope you keep checking in here and posting because all of us have learned a lot from you and Kim. If you do change your minds this week, the Big Dave BLT pizza is awesome and easy. It did need a little salt and pepper to my taste. I am thinking about making it a limited time offer thing like the McRib.


Add me to your list of electronic buddies sorry to see you leaving, but completely understanding!

Proves we should never put off something till “tomorrow”. I’ll regret not making that half-planned trip through GA to see my folks in FL last winter! Now, Dad’s in the nursing home and you’re going to follow another rainbow for a bit.

Continued best wishes to you and your entire crew. I know this isn’t an easy step…it’s one that we may see more of us posting such news in the coming months and I applaud anyone who knows when to “fold 'em”.

Anyone who sends me a PM with their shop name, address and phone will go into our travel journal as must-see places if we get to be near your place. Lexington, SC is actually close enough to my sister-in-law that we could go see her and get pizza at your place.

I ain’t much to look at, but I’ll be encouraging and enthusiastic about good pies. I live large and laugh big. I can even bring a hat in case the shift gets rough . . . I can dress a skin with the most mediocre of 'em.

Nick, wow! I don’t know what to say. You were one of those people
on my list to stop and see next time I drive to florida. That’s one
more pie I will never get to try. I have grown to look forward to your
opinions and commentary. I truly hope you continue to visit the tank.
Good luck in your new life beyond pizza.

Nick it sure has been a great ride. I have truly appreciated your friendship and advice. Very excited for you both…there is a whole big world out there for you to see.

I am assured you are gonna be great no matter what you do cuz that is just how you are…

Keep in touch!


Nick you are and always will be “da man”.

Your wealth of knowledge and willingness to share it has been a blessing to all of us here.

I wish the best of luck to you.


Nick sorry to hear about your loss, i have been there. I lost my 1st pizza place and it sucked.

I know its non of my business but when sales were good what was a months sales and when they died off how far did they go down, The only reason i ask is cause it always intrests me to see what the ecomony can do to a little pizza place like yours and mine. I worry about this kind of thing all the time.

The local paper mill has about 1000 workers from my town of 10000 people and its about to close and it scares the crap out of me

We were never getting rich . . . scrapping the whole way, really. But making progress until about April 2009. Wow. I had forgotten our peak so quickly. The monthly average was running about $18K . . . a tiny operation, really. Then when the bottom fell it, out was almost night and day. Average went to $14.5K starting the second month after the newspaper article announcing the county expected record FC. The months before that article, we were growing sales for 5 consecutive months (same month over same month). 5 months after “Day Zero” we fell to $12.5 monthly.

We are bumping along around $11K to $12K. Basically the same rates that previous owner had before we bought in 2004 :shock: Fully HALF of our weekly customer base moved or dropped to 1/month. Vacancy rates of 30% to 40% were reported for neighborhoods in town.

I just remembered it is Nick’s last day today…Gave me “goose bumps” thinking about it…Good luck Nick and Kim…

Man, Royce. Killing me off early! I got tonight and tomorrow, then the aftermath is all that’s left (banks, landlords, cleanup, notifications). We have been pounded nicely for our little shop so far this week. Almost to levels of two years ago, which is nice but really hard to pull off gracefully. We used to have another cook in the kitchen on weekends and an extra front of house as well.

Tonight will be hopefully insane and profitable . . . but not totally devastating. We gotta load up tomorrow, and are feeling the fatigue already form the emotional ride. Got a couple wedding catering gigs in the negotiations so far . . . and maybe a couple private pizza parties. All for after we close, so this could become a next gig without even moving the shop :slight_smile: I hate catering more than I hate restaurant work :slight_smile: I made 7.5 years in restaurant, though.

Sorry Nick!..But does that mean i have to feel crappy all over again tomorrow?..