Sandwiches For Delivery

I know that most cold sandwiches and hot subs like meatball and italian sausage handle delivery pretty well,but I was wondering how about cheesesteak subs? Do they make the bun soggy? Also how well do fries handle for delivery?

well just as you know if you pick up fries at your local mc donalds they don’t transfer well…what I have learned through ALOT of trial and error is that we used to wrap in foil stick in a sub bag and deliver…the foil would trap the steam…now we put in a large styrofoam container with chips and a pickle…SUCCESS

We deliver tons of 1/2 lb burgers, I agree with Rockstar about the Styrofoam. As for the wings we use a coated fry that travels OK. Just ask your sales guy for coated FF, and can tell you though brands like Always Crisp are the best but run like 27.00 a case where my new 3/8 straight coated snowflakes are only 18.00.

We use a seasoned potato wedge that we run through the oven, it holds up very well.

Indie, How long do those wedges take to cook? I was interested in doing something similar, but I thought the time it would take to bake them would inhibit us… We go through ALOT of sandwiches, but we don’t have space to hold cooked wedges. I would hate to have to have a sandwich held up because we’re waiting for the wedges to come out… What is your sandwich volume like?

Years ago we used to fry a wedged previously baked potato…you might try to dip a quartered spud in egg wash, then in seasoned corn meal or crushed chips/tortillas, then run thru the conveyor

We don’t have any fryers, so we are always looking for good sides that can go through the oven…

May I ask do all of you deliver the entire menu ?..As someone just getting started I assumed delivery was built around pizza. What ever you may deliver other than Pizza is it strictly out of convenience for your customer as I can not think it would be very profitable to deliver a few sandwiches …I guess much of it depends on your delivery charge.


We have quite a few recipes on our website, mostly made with a pizza oven.

For our full list of sandwiches: … emplate=T3

A couple direct recipes:
“Seconds Flat” Meatball Sub Sandwich
Traditional Cheesesteak Sandwich
Panino della Polpetta Fresco
Garden Grilled Chicken Hoagie

Thanks for the info! We actually have quite a few sandwiches that we do through the ovens, and they are all big sellers. What I am looking for are good sides that can go through the oven, rather than through a fryer. We currently put thick cut Kettle Chips on the sides of our sandwiches, which is great, but people are asking for some different options.

As long as the wedges are thawed, it only takes once through, so about 8 minutes. We usually drop the wedges, then make the sandwich. We don’t sell very many, but most of our sandwiches are ordered hot, so they usually are finishing at the same time.

Mc Cains makes great fries and onion rings that work great in a conveyor. Brew City work well