Scale for toppings

I have a bin that holds 10lbs of diced cheese in it, it’s kept under the salad bar on the top shelf when pizzas are ordered I take it out and put it on top of the scale after the rush or order is over its put back

Are you talking about the meat grinder attachment for my mixer?
The one with the auger, star knife and plates right? I didn’t think you could put cheese through that

Make sure that your blade has the sharpened side against the plate, I keep my grinder in the cooler at all times when not in use,
We grind 80 pounds of pork at a time for our sausage, and they do generate heat during use, so chilling them before use goes along way.

I love that attachment I use it all the time! We buy “flap meat” I don’t know the proper name its unpeeled I trim it. The perfect pieces are steak tips all the trimming go through the grinder for steak and cheese subs. We get rave reviews on both!
I’m going to try passing some cheese through it thanks for the tip

With our quiet afternoons, I see zero incremental labor cost for doing our own cheese. I am paying someone to be there, they might as well be doing prep.

Gotrocks, how do you prep the cheese from block for the grinder? I’m guessing small cubes… Or long rectangular pieces?

Just long pieces, that fit thinner than the neck of the grinder, the worm-shaft will grab them and pull them right through, but keep a tamper handy just in case.
I keep a 50# capacity meat lug under the grinder to catch the cheese on it’s way out.

Like I mentioned earlier, refrigerating the grinder attachment does help increase your yield when grinding it.

Let me know how it works out for you, as I mentioned earlier if measuring with portion cups, it will come up lighter than true diced in the same sized cup. I found it near identical to the diced versus shred difference.
Glad I could help and be able to toss an old idea out there for someone to try.

Anyone have a good scale these days? We’ve been using the Yamato PB200 but honestly, the latest version, was a piece of crap and didn’t last 3 months. Looking for something that plugs in, registers quickly and the digital reader mounts to a wall.