Seafood: Does it have a place in your pizzeria?

Are you offering seafood on your menu (on pizza, in pasta, etc.)? If yes, how do you serve it, and how popular has it been?

The Only sea food in my place is shrimp and it is only ordered about once a week. I actually had a customer refuse to order because I had shrimp in the store. Even though I keep it seperate from all the other toppings they would not order because of sever allergies.

here we have alaskan salmon and halibut, neither is offered on a pizza, but in burritos, but it is a option on the build your own pizza list, the salmon can be baked or carmalized with sweet chili sauce, the halibut can be broiled or blackened(most popular option)


We don’t even do anchovies. My partner can’t stand the smell of seafood / fish. We’ve never had anyone ask for anything other
than anchovies though.

We did smoked trout for a couple of years ago a long time ago. We also shrimp for two years. The sales never justified either of them.

I have a seafood pizza that is a good sell here.

Tomato base with “rouille” (Provençal sauce), seafood cocktail(shrimps, mussels, calamari (squid??)) and mozzarella.

Tastes really good.

We have anchovies and shrimp, although the shrimp is mostly for a salad. It’s an option for pizzas and a few people order it but I don’t push it because it’s a little pricey.

My seafood combo is the #4 seller in my shop. I use a seafood mix, that consists of onions, mayo, shrimp, tuna, and squid. We scoop it out with a small ice cream scooper and put a scoop on each slice then a few in the middle. You might be surprised, but squid goes really well with pepperoni.

Not in Texas. LOL

I’ve done a crab and artichoke mixture on a pizza. It went over a lot better then I thought it would. Customers have asked for it a few times now. So over I’ve made it as a special a few times over the last year, along with some other creative pizzas.