security systems

So im thinking about adding a security systems. Pretty much 4 or 5 cameras in color and a dvr. I guess I would also need a computer and monitor? or can i use my computer that i already have? any ideas on which one you would recommend?


You’re usually better off if you piece these things together rather than buying a bundle. Hard for us to say if your computer will work without know the specs, but there are plenty of windows based programs that are much easier for you to navigate and reuse storage.

I’ve been getting a lot of equipment off of lately, “open box” and “scratch and dent” prices are really good and shipped fast.

Never mind, just looked there and not much available right now. has great deals all the time. I just picked up a system with a build in 7" monitor, 4 color cameras, and 250 gb hard drive in the $400 range.

Before I did pizzas I installed security systems for a living. Let me tell you the number one advantage of having it there is to have it bery visable. Dishonest people are going to do their business no matter you do. Having them there is more of a deturent. It will keep honest people honest. If you get a system please don’t get one of those cheapies from walmart or simular they are complete rubbish and the resolution on them is just about worthless if you ever intend on taking the person doing you wrong to court. Do your research first.

You can use your current computer as a DVR but you are going to need to get the appropriate card for the computer. also you will need alot of room for the videos, and you are going to need software to run it. Now some of the cards for the computer come with some basic software for you to use. If it does make sure that it has something to call back differnt times, and a print function is a very good feature too.

As someone who put a DVR system in one store, I would highly recommend instead a system (or even just one of those “nanny cams”) which has an IP address that allows you to jump on the web to watch live action, see idiocy as it unfolds and then call to put an end to it. I’ve wasted plenty of time watching “tape” and have never been able to actually catch the guy(s) stealing. Man, I probably watched it happen and just couldn’t tell.

What I have seen though is too many people in the drawer, bad cash handling habits, friends hanging out in the lobby after hours, and the Subway guy from next door let into my kitchen to make his own pizza. I’m pretty sure most of that stuff would never have developed if they knew I might be watching at any given moment instead of having to sit and review hours upon hours of tape. And once I put a stop to the bad habits, the opportunities to steal were sharply reduced.

Get online access and make a habit of calling each manager once a week to whine about petty stuff you see just so that the thought of “the owner might be watching” will make them think twice before allowing serious rules to be broken.

hey I have one of those cards what would you charge to help me set it up

if you happen to be shopping for a POS as well check out Foodtec Solutions…my POS has the cameras integrated into the POS so that you can queue up a video with transactions which is really cool…of course you can also access in real-time via the internet as well…the totally integrated online ordering is really neat as well

If you have a POS system, be sure to check with your vendor to see which video surveillance systems they support. Here’s a web-based system to check out.

Also, if you go with a basic DVR rather than a system that’s directly integrated with your POS, make sure you synchronize your your video “clock” with your POS system date & time. Brad’s right – you can scan video for ages and never see anything. But if your video and POS clocks are in synch, you can pretty easily find the video for any voids, coupons entered late, price change-downs, or other suspicious transactions (or Notable Activity, in SpeedLine) that you see in your POS reports.

I have a DVR system I bought for the store that never became a reality. 8 color cameras with infrared illumination, DVR, web access, etc. I forget the make and model. I can check tomorrow if you are interested. It is new in the box.

Send me details and a price please.