Selling pizza at event.

Any use the heated/ proofing cabinets? Considering this option. I have done it last year with pizza bags but drivers run crazy trying to keep up with sales. Figure i could keep 20/25 pies on hand with a heated cabinet.

No question that is your best option.
George Mills

Thanks George. I have been looking local for used but people want top dollar and i could buy new for the same price.

I have used them for events. We did an event at a baseball stadium and fed 800 people. Everything stayed nice and hot.

i used one at a street festival it worked well but the pizzas towards the bottom by the heating element did dry out badly

The heat and hold units we sell have humidity added to preclude that problem. I suggest not to use a unit that does not provide humidity.

George Mills

yes! deff get one with humidity! Ours is just an old unit I found in my pops storage. It did the trick for that weekend.

No humidity is a waste.
Any chance you can borrow any?
I know that sounds foolish but I’ve done it.
Needed two for an event a few years back and borrowed them from a local school.
I have a great relationship w/ my local schools (school lunch pies!) so…
I’ve often wondered if just some cups of water in a heated cabinet would make a difference- not the same as a “humidity cabinet” but better than nothing?