Seriously Considering Using Third Party Delivery Only

The past few years Ive been having issue after issue with drivers.

What are the pros and cons of dropping my in house drivers and going third party?

Not that I’ve dropped in house delivery, or ever used a third party, but the cons I would see are your usual delivery volume not being able to be kept up to your usual levels (even if that is already backed up due to lack of drivers). Pros you lose the headaches, but on the flip side, how much business will you lose? People aren’t getting any more motivated to get off the couch, so you may be relying on 70% of your business to convert to third parties

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I have 3rd party delivery. Pros? Never without a driver. Cons: if the forget an item, you have to pay to redeliver. I also had to change delivery hours to make sure they pick up before we are physically closed.

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Do you mean get the order yourself, then send it out to the 3rd party. Or turn over all online ordering to the third party.

Can you send phoned in orders to 3rd party. What a headache.

How do you feel about some chick walking in your store with juicy wrote across her ass, with 3 kids in her car, and carries the pizza out tucked under her arm with no hot bag. A free cannoli ain’t gonna fix that.

Whos gonna wash the dishes, and take out the trash.

These companys are very internet strong. Your website will be pushed way to the bottom of the first page. They will post mulitple google ads, plus things they do to get their regular site at the top. If you decide to get rid of them, it will take time and effort, plus your lost reputaion. No spell check on here.

The bad reveiws based on shit completly out of your control.

you pay there CC fees not your 2.65%.

When you forget something, They will have to contact San Fransico. Then San Fransico will contact you, By phone or internet.

Is your delivey system (payroll & various insurance) cheaper than 30% of each order. Don’t forget to include your delivery fee. A delivery fee added through 3rd party will just be added to the total, not a seprate sum given to you.

Do the math on that. The people that drive for those 3rd party places live in the same zip code as your drivers. Could you pay more. Could you lower or remove delivery fee. No delivery fee increases tip greatly.

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I just think 3rd party drivers are lazy and want to make their own schedule. Always seems to be the case when one quits working for 3rd party and delivers the “old school” way

I was just hoping to utilize their drivers, I haven’t looked into how it works yet.
Im tired of my current drivers constant coming to work high.
It seems every driver starts off fine then becomes entitled.

We use an app called SLICE (which in turn uses doordash)

One fee, and so far no issues. (3 months)

Do you pay Slice fees and Doordash fees for delivery?

I was hoping to get the order myself, then hit a button when the order is done that summons the driver from the third party.

Idk if thats how it works

I think that’s how doordash drive works. I’ve never used it but thought about looking into it. Let us know how it works out if you do it

I have used door dash drive. Which utilize their drivers for my orders. At first I used for over flow on busy nights or for deliveries on the edge of my radius to test out. The fee was a flat $7 per delivery. To eliminate the need to manually input the order I had revention, now Hungerrush, integrate into my Pos. All positives until they started running low on drivers. Drivers would take multiple deliveries at a time so the food would arrive cold. They would forget something and you would have to pay to have them go back. It became more of a headache then our own his house drivers and I stopped using them. In theory it may sound good but when the issues arise there is no one to assist you and you are left holding the bag with your customer.

Slice fee is $7.00 for the delivery options. (The customer pays)

I pay the $2.50 fee per order for any Slice online order. (Pick up or Delivery)

I set a $20.00 min on Delivery option.

I have my own drivers and use Slice, Waitr, and Chownow as well.

I would suggest start cleaning my house first. My drives make $12.00 per hour on and off the road. they get $2.25 to $4.75 per delivery and their tips. With wages, run fees and just C.C. tips (not including cash tips), they rarely make less than $25.00 per hour and often make over $30.00 + per hour.
I show them on paper how much they are making for a 4 or 5 hour shift and often do it when I am checking them out. They earn that because of what I bing to the table.
I have told them they are not doing me a favor, they are here to work. If they have come in high, I send them home (it has only happened a few time).
It has put me in a bind but it gets the point across to everyone. We are here to work.
I think every one is right on.
I have experienced about a 5% drop in third party sales as well as my own delivery. My dine-in has gone up that much though.
People are going to order from who they want. The third party customers want convenience over price.
I am going to start using more third party providers and upcharge the sale by 20%. What do I have to lose.

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There are many advantages to going third party. The first is cost savings. In house drivers are expensive and can be difficult to manage. Also, if you have a large fleet and need to keep track of all the different vehicles, the costs can add up quickly.

Another advantage is that with third-party drivers, you have a single point of contact for all your transportation needs. You don’t need to worry about dealing with multiple companies or even having multiple contracts — everything is handled by one company and you only pay them for their services.

Another benefit of using third-party transportation companies is that they can provide better service than an in-house driver because they aren’t limited by their schedule or location. They can use a variety of methods for getting your goods from point A to point B including airplanes, trains, buses, trucks and more depending on what works best for the situation at hand.

Are you delivering pizzas by airplanes, trains, buses and trucks?

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I was thinking about getting a couple helicopters.

Legit though I want to deliver pizzas with drones.

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I did not mean that. :rofl: :joy: :rofl:

December, I use toast and there is a toast delivery option that uses Door Dash Drive for 7.95 a delivery that I can offset with my delivery fee. I havent used it. I also got a postcard the other day from DD about their Drive program. It looks like you only use their drivers not their ordering.

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Sounds like a bot to me.
3rd party delivery is MORE expensive than in house delivery no matter how we look at it.
They are not more difficult to manage than any other employee / team member. If you can’t manager a driver maybe you shouldn’t be managing anyone.
If I have an issue I call my drivers cell phone. If I have an issue with third party I have to go to a tablet and contact DD and then somehow get connected to their driver who isn’t even coming back this way. So then I have to pay another delivery charge to that company for the messup.
Try proofreading before you copy and paste next time. :wink: