I have no experience dealing with Marcus or his companies but I have 25+ years of dealing with customers that range from a $50 order to 300k pounds of product a day. We built our company on taking care of the little and big guys with the same level of customer service. We also did not have this revolving door of sales people or customer service reps…and if it ever had to escalate to my father…the owners level… I can guarantee you that it was resolved at our expense if need be and in a very timely manner. As I stated I have no first hand in this conversation… but Marcus…your pic alone yells arrogance to me. Maybe you are the nicest person in the world…but saying a pic is worth a 1000 words…I would avoid you by your image alone. Sorry but my gut yells “scammer” even if I am judging the book by the cover. Take care of your employees so they can in turn service your customers… since it sounds like you are losing both and that does not spell success…it yells quick poor service or sales scam. Oh and personally I am not impressed with a million dollars of used or refurb equip laying around … we have $50 million in ready to ship finished product waiting to hit the road. We are usually waiting for transports not parts to sell what we already represented as “ready to go”! Sorry… I wouldn’t use ya!


Above is a post that where I talked about what happened to me when a company took advantage of me. In the end, the credit card company reversed all the charge except what I actually felt that they deserved. And I found out that he was getting out of the franchise. I put a lot of pressure on the main headquarters.

People who don’t follow through on what they say makes it hard for the legit guys out there trying to build a business and a client base. Marcus needs to buck up, and get a hold of boatnut and make it right. he apparently doesn’t care about his reputation or whether or not he wants to stay in business. The internet is a powerful too that can bring a business down very quick regardless of the size.

Just my 2 cents.

Really? If anyone I work with told me that, I wouldn’t buy a thing from them. Even if the products were shipped. Refuse shipping and get your money back.

How in the hell does a guy who misrepresented his equipment, didn’t follow through on shipping, doesn’t answer his phone, … understand the concept of offended?

Maybe he confused ‘offended’ with ‘repercussions of crappy service’?

Do not change a thing boatnut. If you don’t refuse shipment and get your money back, then make any changes contingent on being satisfied on this deal. The guy has shown that he isn’t trustworthy.

Re: Seller to be avoided

In a legal stance, Theft By Deception. States vary but I would have already had your sorry a$$ in a court for triple damages.


I’m baffled by the response by the vendor. He states that his company sells refurbished equipment before it’s actually refurbished and then throws the customer under the bus for not understanding the supply chain? The pizza analogy is silly too. Here’s a better one, I can’t sell a pizza and then show up a month later claiming I didn’t have any pepperoni, but it’s not my fault and my customer just doesn’t understand how hard it is to be me. :roll:

Having been in the food mfg world for over 25 years and having started in an old flower shop that now is a $35 million plant with a $12m and $25m expansions on the books,I remember the days we had to wait for or build our own parts to keep things going. I remember using UPS Sonic Air to ship a circuit board., 1 pound worth of board… flown in on the next flight for $2000. Why, when the onpack went down and the spare was gone… we loss $50000 an hour…so you get the part! Sounds like your company is buying used inventory and then and only then investing time and money to refurb or recon only after the deposit is in place. Then by not knowing what level of repair is needed you have no clue going in what the real timeframe will be until they order the parts…if even available. I appologize if I am way off…but this currently looks like a used equipment broker that offers refurb and recon options but only after the customer has purchased the “AS-IS” product! The real issue is you represent this equipment as ready to ship in this upgraded refurb or reconditioned state but you have invested nothing until the customer antes up the funds for whatever level of work they want this equipment in. I hope all the above is false but if true my lawyers would be involved long ago, as well the AZ State Attorney Generals office, the BBB, and I would be in contact with any mfg of equipment that you state you are an authorized servicer for. Not being able to contact! Having numerous new sales staff that also are unavailable! Saying you receive 100’s of calls a day and are hard to reach! Giving out your personal cell number? Sorry pizza guys…but legit businessmen of any size do not give out personal contact info. That is why we have sale and tech people! Do you allow your customers to call you at home to order a pizza? Ok…I know some of you do…but you get the point. This operation stinks of fraud! Marcus…you need to make this right and prove all of us wrong!!! Also to hear you now operate under a new name after 4-5 years under another one??? I have the same name since day 1…from 1985. We did change our color layout in early 1990’s… but same name! Again…my sincere apology if I am totally wrong here… but the ball is in your court to prove everyone wrong here. Should be easy if you are legit. Just saying you are and that you have thousands of satisfied customers is not going to fly.

Hey Clive, do you have an update on this?..

Hi Royster, ovens in customs in Vancouver. I will have them inspected by local oven tech upon arrival early next week and report here. There is more to this story since my last post but I would prefer to wait until I know what I have before I share…
Suffice it to say that they better had meet the description of “refurbished” as posted on and my emails from the salesperson.

I hope you are pleasantly surprised.

What transpired with this?


Ongoing… Ovens arrived, not even close to the description. Currently in my credit card companys
hands. I had a local authorized dealer inspect them and forward the report to my c card company
and Shimmmer.
I will post the long version including the inspection of the “refurbished” ovens once it is all resolved.

My Name is Minesh Patel I have the same issue as the other guy had. I bought 23 k worth of equipment from Shimmmer. They asked me to send 75 % down for my 2 bakers pride oven (one new, one refurbushed), one hobert mixer M-600 refurbushed and one middleby marschall ps-200. So They had my 75% down on November and they told me they gonna ship my stuff on Decemeber 20th. So I didn’t bother them as Christmas time,
Then I called on January till March to get all my stuff in. They send me a Bakers Pride 4151 Didn’t work , Hobert mixer that they got it from other vendor name Jamarc equipment from Torresdale, PA. was wrapped up and it looked ok at the loading dock.
As soon as I bring in my store and unwrapped it looks like somebody have dropped it. I reported that to Rene and Marcus they told me they gonna send me some parts. Then I tried to see if it works or not. Then it started making a weird noise so I called one of my technician he told me it might be the rear Motor bearing . So i called Rene and she sent me a Hobert Tech from DC she told me that they gonna take care of it. So the technician came and gave me an estimated cost of 1700 doller, and also told me that there might be a transmission issue to as wll. I followed with Rene they started giving me explanation that I suppose to check at the loading dock so my answer to them how I suppose to hook up everthing at loading dock and let the driver know thats its working fine when the rear motor, Transmission etc is not working
Bakers pride 4151 refurbushed didn’t work I asked them to send me the missing parts it took them another 15 days and the redest guy on Earth name Bruce gave me an Attitude. So to make it work I spend 20 days and 1400 doller to fix it .

bakers Pride 351 New oven : They asked me to send the remaining 25% to some APW food service, 729 3rd ave, Dallas, TX. So I have no option but to send 25% to them and got the new oven after buggin them for 3 month. Guess what it came without ceramic deck and leg.It took another 15 days to get it resolved and get over with it.

Middleby Marshal : They didn’t send me the pizza stop or the crumbtray with it.

So I opened my store late 3 month instead of januray to april as the conveyer ovens needs to fixed with ansel system to get certificate of occupancy. So now the landlord have a lease aggrement that they charge me base rent as well as 200% penalty . So I am gonna end up paying 33k to them just because them scammers and liers.But I am not gonna give up I will fight for it so please dont think I am not doing anything.
I have all the emails for all my communication with them. So please run away I already got so many calls from some customers how had some bad exp with them so please feel free to call me ar 240-477-2378 if you have any question .

So please dont fall for the smiley sales rep they gonna get you at end. Run away as far as you can . Marcus had a note somewhere dont sell shit if you cant ship wow look what I got after paying them on november and getting my s… on march.


that’s all . . . nothing else.

It has now gone to a new level… Shimmmer agreed to refund my money upon return and receipt of the ovens. They wanted to “confirm they were in same condition etc as when shipped” Credit card company told me to release the ovens and confirm destination and tracking number etc. Shimmmer arranged to have them picked up ( Remember I’m on Vancouver Island, BC, Canada ) . The transport company arrives, the ovens are being shipped to an address in Calexa,CA ?? I investigate further. They are going to a customs broker/freight forwarder company called RL Jones. I confirm that they are to be forwarded to a Mr Hector Noreaga in Mexico… All of this is now documented and a matter of record.
Needless to say I did not release the ovens. Hey Marcus, I know you will read this, not sure how stupid you think I am? Obviously fairly… Sorry, wrong.
Shimmmers company policy is that they will not ship without payment in full. (This is made abundantly clear by them). Seems like they might? now be in receipt of payment from two individuals for the same merchandise. Not being from Arizona, can somebody give me an idea if that is an accepted lawful practice in that State?
Maybe Shimmmer has changed their policy and are willing to now export ovens to
Mexico without payment? Maybe somebody else will be contacting Mr Noreaga at
011-521-68*-5*9-8**2 ( “star’s placed vs numbers to protect Mr.Noreaga”) to confirm.
Think quick Marcus…

Give me an A
give me a T
give me a T
give me an O
give me an R . . . . . . . :slight_smile:

Dude, this sounds like a bad episode of Texas Justice or Judge Judy.

I am not retracting my prior post that I had a good experience with Marcus. But something does seem to be going on. A couple of days ago my wife told me that someone called the shop wanting to talk to me when I was not there. The person told her that he wanted to talk to me about a contractor that I hired prior to opening that had screwed him. I blew it off because I am very busy and did not want to get involved. But when I finally had some down time I began questioning my wife about the call and she said that he mentioned finding out about me through a forum. That is when I realized it must have something to do with Marcus. I asked her for the number and realized that it was an Arizona area code so I called the guy.

The guy told me that he was a fabricator and that Marcus owed him thousands of dollars and has done the same to many fabricators across Arizona. I asked him what he wanted from me and he said that he just wanted to warn me as he knew that I had prior business dealings with Marcus.

Like I have said before… have not had any dealings with Marcus or his company but there are a lot of very interesting thoughts being shared here. Some that really need to be further investigated! It is becoming clear… and this is just my opinion… that he is a broker of pre-owned equipment and acts as a middle man for the sale of new equipment bought through the lowest bidder. I am guessing… and just guessing… he sees almost none of what he sells. My advice for everyone would be in this day and age… get as many photos of your pre-owned purchases before you make payment. Before they are wrapped up for shipment. Verify where they are coming from and FROM WHOM! I know it is easy to get lost in the dollar signs of a great deal and I am sure he has shipped some great items and their are happy satisfied customers… but the nature of the business leads towards people being dishonest in their own description of pre-owned items. It is like asking the owner of his used car trade-in if everything is ok! Ummmm…Yeah!!! :shock:

I just came across what I found to be a ‘strange’ practice by at least one salesperson from this company. While searching for equipment on CraigsList, I found some ads in nearby cities (in GA and AL) for pizza equipment. Listed a few pieces and a phone number. I called, spoke to the rep . . . very nice and responsive call . . . I asked if I could pick up this unit in the city listed, and rep said their office is in Arizona but they ship all over the country. Odd. Itchy feeling something is off. I asked for a some detailed info on a piece of equipment that needed a quick lookup. While on hold, the recording said that they were Shimmer. And there the itch came full on. Nowhere would I have known who I was dealing with, after a nearly 5 minute conversation, had I not asked a question requiring a hold.

Told salesperson I heard on the recording they were Shimmer and am not interested in dealing with that company. Rep tried to recover gracefully, referencing lots of repeat customers. My bottom line is that given stories here and other online places, and the demeanor of the owner here and elsewhere, I have no interest in risking getting lost in a shuffle. I would be a tiny customer as opposed to a 100K repeat customer and the owner has not shown himself well. Add to it the stealth manner that I had to find out who they are . . . that just felt too unusual to keep on talking. So, beware; here is the listing as found in 6 large cities’ listing on CraigsList:

PIZZA OVENS & MORE has pictures

Ingenious from a call-generation side of the thing. They got my call. I prefer a business who says who they are out front and stands on their brand.

I just checked the Portland Oregon Craigslist and low and behold, guess what I found?

Pizza equipment/mixers/sheeters & more
602 area code

And the phone number comes up as Shimmer on Google.

Buyer Beware here too!!

Nick, did you thank him for putting you on hold.