SLOGANS.....anyone, anyone.

Give me your opinions.

“Helping fight the battle against anorexia one slice at a time!”

Maybe I got a twisted sense of humor…but I like the tongue in cheek stuff. Maybe if I become rich (probably not from this business) someday, they will call me eccentric instead. Right now my wife just calls me weird.

maybe if you are donating a portion of profits to some anorexia foundation and specify that… other than that I would have to say…uhhhhh… :wink:

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Funny though…

I wouldn’t recommend poking fun at a disease that cripples lots of young women. I mean there are a lot of funny things about various handicaps, stereotypes, or secksual innuendos - but even if usually funny, you just can’t officially associate them with your business…

“50 Pounder” pizza
not a slogan per say, a pizza people like to order here
…20" pizza with50 slices of pepperoni and a full pound of cheese…$18.99,


That’s great. And I remember Nick…I think it was Nick…having a “trainwreck” pizza. It was topped with all the make table leavins.

Well, kinda. It has 20 full toppings added to a cheese pie. We regularly (every 30 minutes or so) wipe the cheese scattered on table into a bin that we use for the 'Wreck. I guess that could be “table leavins”.

Jeez . . . cut a guy some slack . . . . :lol:


Our (in house) slogan is:
“I got so excited to go to Donte’s, I sh** myself”

Back Story for the slogan:
The other day, my manager and I were at the store as my husband had to go get bread because the driver never came (another story in itself!)

So, I’m minding my business when my manager tells me that one of customers little boys had “an accident” and the evidence was in a pile by the air hockey and now being traipsed throughout the store.

He is a prankster, and I thought he was pulling another joke on me. So, he takes me over to the game room, and lo and behold, a pile of CRAP is laying there.

ooooookkkk, I have 20 years of Insurance background and quit my job to assist my husband in running our shop and do not have kids… so I have NO IDEA what to do!

Our manager gets it under control and has one of the kids clean it up - who I really thought was going to quit instead of cleaning it!

But now my job is to tell the guy…um…ok…
So, I do. The kid that “did the deed” is 3 and he also has a 1 year old and a 5 year old. So, he tells me to hold the 1 year old and watch the 5 year old while he takes care of “Tommy”

That’s my story of our “new slogan”

Hope you enjoyed it as much as I did :lol:

We just keep it simple w/ { come taste what everyone is raving about!}
Sometimes will throw in the local paper- come taste why our competition hates us!


We have a couple of catch-phrases or slogans. The first is a play on our intense focus on the heritage of the town and the people:

We’re Baking History at Nick’s!

The other is a play on customers’ calling us while we were closed for relocation and bemoaning our closure . . .they were absolutely craving X. So,

“What’s Your Craving” was the beginning concept, and will develop into “Feed Your Craving” next month. Our feature pies that we introduce each month are now called “New Cravings”.

Try to play on thier emotions Buy our pizza so everyone can get paid… except for me?

Funny Stories…and great slogans!
We actually had it trademarked when we registered our logo.
Sammy B.

How about “Eat Here or We’ll Both Starve”

I was just recently able to get the phone number 8-Daddio’s so I have been thinking ablut this topic as well. How is Dial 8-Daddio’s if you love Pizza as much as me?

I plan to have it printed on the back of T-shirts and give them out to staff and at the schools as prizes for what ever the teachers deem to be a good reason.

Sorry man, my bad. I thought that I remembered reading you describe it using those words. I must have been wrong. I thought it was a great idea. I was looking at someone else’s menu and noticed a “Widowmaker” which appeared to be a meat lovers on steroids.

No bad feelings. I am absolutely certain I did say it that way. I just always hope no one will remember or repeat it :slight_smile: I can’t whine when someone reads it back to me. Nothing in the world like someone paying attention to me when I shoot off the wrong thing, huh?

we live in a small town,Westmoreland, a lot of people call it MO-TOWN for short makin fun of us country folk. so we say EAT MO-PIZZA :lol: :lol:

“The common pizza done uncommonly well”


Pizza so fresh you’ll slap it.