So, how was your HALLOWEEN?

Just wondering how everyone’s halloween went?

We absolutely got rocked, we set a new all time store record and franchise record for busiest day, hour and month. All in one day, we beat our previous best month ever by fair amount

Ended the day with almost 450 orders, 70% up from last year

I hope all went well for you guys, I had a blast, the night was a blur however , I feel like it was dream or something, very strange how when your that busy it all just blends together in your memory


Amazing we did a little more than double the business of last Halloween! I am a very happy camper today!

Ours absolutely blew!
We got our first real snow accumulation of the season, and temps were in the 20’s. So everyone went into hibernation.

We did nearly double last years sales. We too, had a record day, week and month. Our busiest hour was from 4 to 5. All the schools were out at noon.

Nice, Our best hour was 5-6, it was 2500 with like 90 orders or something crazy. One word INTENSE!

Slightly less then last year, Last year broke my record from the year before. For us it started a full hour before i expected it to. So when i got the call we were already 30 pizza’s down, stayed that way for awhile. It has been rather warm here all month. We were at 80 degrees on thursday ! Finally got our first frost of the year this morning, i sure hope it cools down soon.

Record day. Busiest hour from 5 - 6 we had 68 orders and over $2000

Best single day sales ever in all 3 of my shops! 2 broke $10,000 (446 and 462 total orders for the day), the small shop 4,100 (210 orders). Resulting in All Time Record month (Previously May 2014) by over $8,000 in Longmont! 2nd best ever month for my Boulder shop (dates back to 1998).

Next year should even be bigger!

Congrats to all of you!

First lite snow. Slow mo. $1,200.00 we are in our slow season

Record day by far as well as month, we were well prepared and the crew knocked it out of the park. We always get caught a little earlier and have to play catch up, this time I had everyone coming in at 2 or 3 and we were ready for war by the time we got hit. If anything I was surprised by how few deliveries we had, we had our usual amount. We had more on Saturday than on Friday.

And I was in Costume too. By the end of the night my ears were drooping, but my tail was still wagging.FOX.jpg

Double or normal Friday also. I was figuring about 50% more than a normal Friday. One store had $4000 in before 9am. Then it got busy for lunch. Steady thru the mid afternoon. Early rush at 3pm. Blew up at 6pm. Wouldn’t stop. At 10pm still had 30 plus tags up. The manager had to keep 25 people till closing. Some of them had been their upwards of 18 hours. Cleaned out of preps. Had to get prep teams back in the stores at 6am the next morning for rebuilding time. The staff killed it. Even our new store that’s only been open a week did 5K. I have a lot of thanking to do over the next few days to show my appreciation

We also had all the local schools off with a teacher inservice day. We were prepared though. starting spinning extras at 3:15, didnt stop till after 6. Then picked up again @ 7:30. Best day of our almost 3 yr history 3400. I was hoping to hit 4 gs but im not complaining. Amazing to hear some of your guys numbers…so happy for all that killed it!!!

How was everyone’s Saturday ? We did almost 60% more then i had expected. Ran out of Large and Xlarge dough, ran out of medium boxes today.

Saturday was about 20% above normal. I have spent the last 2 days at Restaurant Depot keeping the stores supplied.

The whole weekend was huge! 25% to 50% up on an average Saturday, Sunday rocked too…ran out of so much food.

Wow 4k before 9am? What’s your secret? Didn’t think that many people enjoyed pizza that early in the day! Very impressive.

Umm, I’m pretty sure they were presales for later in the day…

Yea we ran out of flour , cheese, veggies, bacon, and some other odds and ends

Saturday was up 30% and sunday average

Hmm, ok. I guess that’s a good example of how this industry can vary. We had maybe one presale and did about 14,000

Wow that’s great. Are you a delco?
Or family dining?