So is Super Bowl Sunday your busiest day of the year?

So we are a week away, and the news stories are starting come around about how more pizzas are sold on SB Sunday that any other day of the year. It is for sure a very busy day but not anywhere near our busiest day of the year. The average Friday will beat SB Sunday. Is different on the East coast because the game starts earlier in the day? Or is it just media hype?

The championship payoff game has been better then SB for us.

Our best day is hands down halloween. 4 years in a row. This Halloween beat 2013 by 75% or something crazy like that

It was fun but not sure if id want to do that daily lol

Closed on Sundays … so yeah. But Halloween has been my busiest day by far.

Super bowl Sunday is the busiest 3 hour period out of all other Sundays. Our busiest day of the year is usually Black Friday or the Friday or Saturday that falls during the Claysburg Pizza Little League Tournament (right across the street from my pizzeria).

Same for us, super bowl is not as busy as a typical Friday. Bunch of hype. I am sure though, if you have a team that is relevant in football (Browns here) it would help, lol! It will be a busy day though, we will be well staffed and provide great service.

Super Bowl Sunday isn’t anywhere close to our busiest day of the year and really doesn’t require a whole lot extra staffing for us. We’ll add a couple extra drivers and an extra manager for a few hours but sales won’t approach a slow Friday’s sales. In fact at my campus store, I’ll be lucky to do 1/3 the sales of my busiest day of the year and 1/2 the sales of any of my busiest 8 days of the year.

Superbowl makes our top 10 most years years but has never been in the top 5…

Halloween? Never even hit 50% of our busiest day of the year. Our busiest day in the past 12 months was new years day this year. Halloween was about 1/3 of that number.

same for me…also closed Sundays, even Superbowl…Halloween by far busiest day of year even if it falls on a Monday

Halloween was by far the best day, super bowl is busy for 3 hours then it’s over. same numbers as a typical Friday night for us.

Typically round the 4th of july holiday for us, in 2014 it was july 3rd.
Our only industry here is tourist/hospitality with some logging. So the entire state of Illinois is up here that week/weekend, and a good amount of the population of Minnesota too.

Being on a college campus, the university’s homecoming is our busiest day/night, 16 hours of non stop slices/pies. Superbowl has to be our 2nd best day though, usually end up with the numbers of a fri/sat combined.
East Coast here

Super bowl is usually a bust. Everyone (customers a) always assumes that we are going to be super busy. They say stuff like, “so are you ready?”, but we are generally never busy. Not sure why the world assumes that it’s the best day for pizza, but it sure isn’t for us. Maybe for the big 3?

just another side note, we offer buffalo wings, not sure if all of you do as well but wings account for about 33% of sales on super bowl, and about 65% of each tickets consists of wings. Currently wings have spiked up to 94$ for 40lb, not as bad as last year but with another week to go I can see them going to 98+ like they did for us last year, but then again chicken breast/tenders drop about a quarter a pound so it evens out for us.

We are making homemade boneless wings this year, which cost us significantly less to make then buying our wings, will just have to wait and see how it goes. Usually sell around 350-400 ilb of wings on the super bowl

I am with Pizzaman 215 on this one, The pizza side on this day is a cake walk. But the wing side is another story. We are a smaller shop in a small town, but on Superbowl I sell as many wings as I do in an average week. This year I will have 450# on hand. We also serve carrots, celery, ranch or blue cheese with the wings. so the prep for this day is basically a weeks worth of prep in 2 days.

I won’t put it as the busiest day of the year, but will say it is probably the busiest hour (s) for the year, In 2-3 hours we basically do a Fridays sales.

Superbowl has always been a letdown, between 2-5 pst we are pretty busy but than it’s a ghost town. It’s been less than an average Friday until last year when the Seahawks made it. The Superbowl was crazy busy last year, most like a really good Friday, but nothing too insane. Obviously a very nice Sunday. So I was very happy the Seahawks made it again, I am looking forward to another good Superbowl… but not in my top 5. Halloween has always been the busiest, by far. Having a team near us in it def helps. Otherwise I feel it’s sort of ho-hum.

I’d imagine the day would be busier for us if the Houston Texans or the Dallas Cowboys were in the bowl… Maybe that has a lot to do with it? Without a simi local team in there then there are probably not as many locals giving much of a damn about it. Maybe I’m wrong though? Who knows. Never have been much of a sports fan myself.

Halloween is always #1 but SB, especially in my Boulder campus store is huge. In my other shops SB Sunday is like adding a 2nd Friday to the week. Still have everyone staffed. Boulder usually books a 300 pie hour the hour before kick off…and no, there is NO WAY to keep up with that although this year will be the first time I have a 3rd 570 in use (always had my double stack which tops out at 212 pie hour). Broncos fans hate both these teams this year (Seattle mostly because of Mr Sherman and the beat down they took last year) so I am not sure if that is good or bad for sales this year.

yep Halloween and Christmas eve, Superbowl when it was here in Indy, I would say that we will see a small increase in delivery’s we may bring in one additional driver but that’s about it!

Used to be something we had to really prepare for. Isn’t a huge deal for us anymore.

My guess is that there are more food options these days (wings, Subway mega subs, etc…) and people know to plan ahead because they’ve learned it’s just not possible that everyone can receive their food right at kick off.

If the PAckers would have made it, I’d be stocking for a great weekend. But…