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Found another company adding my info to their site. I’ve attached a screenshot of this. I am unable to edit it in my profile. I talked Google and they said that I would have to contact Slice. They said that when Google crawls if they find something it will automatically add it. I would have to contact Slice, ask them to remove my info from their website and when Google crawls it again it will be removed.

When I spoke to Slice to have my info removed they voluntarily said the reason is because one of their customers requested to have my place listed on their site and without me even mentioning the link on Google they went ahead to inform me that the link should be removed in 7 days. It just seems like they new exactly what questions I was going to have and have trained everyone on what to say.

We need to put a stop to all these 3rd party ordering platforms! They need to remember that without us there is no them. Charging ridiculous commissions and steeling our customers. We get nothing in return. By the time we are done with an order we’ve broken even or loss money. They might work great if you don’t have a delivery option yourself but if you already offer all the services there is no need for them.

I am a victim of this myself. I signed up to GrubHub about 2 years ago. It was great in the beginning. I was noticing all these new orders and my sales were increasing. Until I looked deeper into it. They put up Google Ads to rank 1st when I was searched, purchased domain names with my name in it, added their order links to my Google profile page, TripAdvisor page and Facebook page. I’ve managed to remove everything but the TripAdvisor link. When all was said and done I was losing customers and gaining more expenses.

I have put a plan in place to remove myself from GrubHub and have noticed a great decrease in GrubHub orders, an increase in my personal online ordering platform, an increase in sales and a decrease in costs.

I want to start a movement of individuals like me who feel the same way. People that are willing to remove themselves from all these 3rd party platforms and do it on there own. We would show them how to slowly remove themselves from these sites without hurting their sales, show them where they can find resources like this site and help with getting there own online ordering set up and delivery set up. I was wondering how many of you would be interested in this? Would anyone want to help me with it? I know it might sound like an impossible task but I want to give it a go. Anyone with me?

Uh how frustrating! Mine used to say my online ordering and now it says slicelife too

Uh how frustrating! Mine used to say my online ordering and now it says slicelife too. I’ll help you.

Contact Slice and have them remove your info. Check you Google profile page in 2 weeks. Should be removed by then. If not make sure your info was removed from Slice if it was contact Google.

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Done. Thanks.

if you don’t want to wait the standard 7 days just threaten Slice that your attorney will issue a Cease & Desist order and it will be gone in 24hrs

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It doesn’t work like. Slice has taken my info down. It’s google that is going to take 7-14 days to crawl the info again to see that it no longer exist and remove the link.

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They were removed from my Google listing as well in less than 24hrs…same thing happened with Door Dash. They gave me the 7-14 day speech too but it was gone super fast when you threaten litigation.

I spoke to someone from google ads later today about the ezcater ad on my profile and they were going to have their team look at the order link as well. I’ll follow up tomorrow to see if it was removed.

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Any updates?

Someone from Mumbai called me this morning. It looks like the ezcater ad was removed and they sent me a link to fill out a trademark complaint which will hopefully stop that from happening in the future.

The Slice order link is still up which they are still working on.

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If you did not sign a contract with them… they should not have any way to get any of your money?..I agree I don’t like them, and kicked out DD. (def doesn’t take a week either, 48 hours max…) worst case you should be selling your food to them at full price no?

They were not taking any commission or anything no one was able to order on the Slice site. They had a dedicated phone number that would then reroute you to my phone number. It’s the fact that they just went ahead and put all my info on their site. The whole 7-14 days is from Google. What happens is that Google crawls the web. If they find something that is relevant to your business they will automatically add it to your business profile. I now have to wait for Google to crawl the Slice site to see that the link no longer directs someone to my info. I’m going to give them a call on Monday again to see if they can remove it earlier. Making a point that the link is dead.

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The link is gone!

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Mine isn’t. I was assured that my info would be removed within 30 minutes. It’s a week later and it’s still there

It’s not showing up for me.

I also filled this out on Monday

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Glad I read this thread, Slice had 2 of my 3 locations on their site and links on my Google Search pages. It feels like I’m playing whack-a-mole sometimes with these 3rd-party sites.

As soon as I posted I emailed them again. It took about 15 minutes but it did go down.

Ugh, hate GrubHub, we don’t have our own delivery drivers/online ordering so it works for us for now but they take such a huge cut. Slice reached out to us a couple of years ago but we said no so i doubt we are on their site.

By the time they take their cut there’s most likely nothing left for you. By looking at your name I’m guessing your in San Fran, they’re probably taking at least 30% - 35% for you to even be relevant on the site. You would almost be better of not even offering it. I know some people will argue that they will order from somewhere else but you have to look at it as 0% of a $30.00 order is the same as 0% of a $0.00 order. The only difference is that you’re not paying the 30-35% commission. Take a look at your numbers and really look into transitioning to your own online ordering platform and delivery drivers.