I have been cooking with my home brick oven for a couple years now and I have just incorporated a pizza company here in Vancouver, Canada and I am looking for a place to lease(approx 1000 sq.ft). Everyone loves my pizza and I decided to open a shop since I love making it and eating it as well. I am quite handy so I have made 38 chairs as well as 15 tables to go with them and they look very nice and rustic… perfect for what I want to do. I will also have a brick oven place and I am wondering a few things. I 24 hr cold ferment my dough and I was wondering between dough and ingredients how much fridge space would I need? Basically, I am interested in knowing what my best setup is. I would like to have a nice front bar in front of the brick oven but close enough to the window the entrance to capture the eye of foot traffic as well as to accomadate take way. I am estimating in the beggining around 75 pizzas sold daily. I hope to increase that and want to have a good layout. I would like to know what people suggest. Should I keep some of the cold doughs handy under the inside counter and then have some in a large fridge in the back. How much room would I need. I dont think I have to freeze much but just wanting to know what people in the business can help me forsee. I am also thinking about going with a 60qt. mixer and Point of Success POS, what does everyone think? I would really appreciate any advice to get my project going and so I can finish up this business plan.


Your “fridge” needs to be a walk-in. About 7-8 square meters will do at first but you will want more soon. a 60 quart is probably more than you need. Personally, I think a 40 qt VCM is the way to go. The batch size when you are making dough is lot easier to handle and it does not take up so much space.

hi Al, im out in Surrey, ever want to chat let me know


Did you open your shop? How do you feel about the 1000 sq ft? I’m just wondering, I’m looking at 1000 sq. ft also but not sure how much seating would fit. You planed on 38 chairs, did this work out good. Thanks.

Hi artigamo :

We have done the layout and design for thousands of pizza shops.

We suggest no less than 1200 sq feet for the typical carry out delivery shop. More space is better as the additional space for storage will give you the capacity to buy deals on ingredients and paper products.

To add 15 tables and the other items you mention would probably require up to an additional 1000 sq feet.

I don’t know the population density where you are located but 75 pizzas is practically no production at all.

We equip almost all our delivery carry outs to do 200 pizzas per hour. With the additional over head of the seating situation perhaps more production would be warranted.

When you select a location we will be happy to do a professional floor plan for you at no charge.

George Mills