Steveos Box Folding Thread


You are still missing the point I am trying to make.

Pre folding boxes: 10 seconds
Opening the box lid: 1 second
Close the box lid: 1 second
Time saving at the time of cut: 8 seconds

wasted time by prefolding 2
reduction of stress at the cut table: Priceless

haha, thanks but it sounds stupid now without the other posts!

But anyways…

My way:

Prefolding boxes: 0 seconds
Closing the box: 5-6 seconds (yes I literally just checked)
Time saved approx 6 seconds

I’m still not sure I understand… Are you saying it saves time b/c when you fold them the first time its less work to fold it a second time?

Steveo I do not think we are talking the same thing. What everyone else is talking about is not unfolding and refolding the box, but opening the lid and shutting the lid. I would also guess that despite Daddios example above where he showed two seconds wasted, that there is actually no time wasted and actually an overall time savings. I believe that the time required to open and close the box is less than the added time it would take to fold a box while it is sitting flat on a table with a pizza sitting in it as opposed to folding the box with no table and no pizza sitting in it.

Yea we must be lol. All I’m saying is I’ve seen pictures of pizzerias and there is a place down the street from us where you can see in their window a bunch of completely folded pizza boxes just sitting there. I’m assuming thats what the other do. And my whole question from the beginning is why they do that.

My boxes come prepacked in bundles of 50 unfolded and neatly packed together. I couldn’t imagine me folding all of them first before I store them when I could just take them out the packaging and stick all 50 on the wall as is. Then take one down as I need it.

if thats the case you never plan on being busy enough to make a living

uhhhhh… ok???

Thats odd… cause the last pizza place I worked at grossed over a million a year in pizza and they didn’t prefold their pizza boxes… he must have another source of income…

Are you telling me that with a pizza coming out of the oven every thirty seconds one person has time to, fold the box, put the pizza in the box, cut the pizza, close the box, put a label on the box, and place the box on the warming shelf before the next pizza is ready to be removed from the oven? If you are then I want to come and see how it is done because I know there is no way I could.


Don’t let these guys talk you out of your operation. Somebody has to be a pioneer. Just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. I’ve been thinking about taking my website down too. I get the feeling that some of my competitors are checking out my menu and beginning to mimmick some of my unique items. Fool me once!

Like I said if you can do it I want to know how. I have always been of the opinion that I can learn something from everyone I encounter.

Well when you take it off the wall there isnt any folding like you state. The bottom part of the box goes flat on the cutting table, then the pizza on top, cut, fold, ticket, done. The whole process takes about 11 seconds (with cutting). If you’d like I can provide step by step pictures of the process. Its quite simple. And like I said we did around 7-10k on a Friday night and it went smooth as smooth can be…

We fold over 3000 boxes a week. I could do it while we are busy but than what would the team do when we are not that busy? Box folding is a great way to save time when you are busy and kill time when you are not busy.

I have the notion that our opperations are quite different. I use a deep dish pan so the pizza must be removed from the pan and I cut the pizza with a rocker knife on a cutting board. This may account for some of the time differences.

We too offer thin crust, double dough, chi-town (deep dish) (made in a pan), stuffed (in a pan), and pan (and you guess it, in a pan) pizzas. All using the same exact strategies.

I’m wondering, and excuse me for my ignorance, but are you being serious here or is that sarcasm because I said something very similar in another thread.

I would like to see this. I have limited space at my cut table so it would be nice to free up the space being used by the folded boxes. I have been around the pizza industry for over 20 years and have never seen the method you are discribing used.

Sorry for the crappy pics, gotta love cell phone cameras…

Also, the whole setup for the wall hanger thingies cost less than 10 dollars total. I bought them at Ace Hardware. They can hold about 75 boxes of each size at once with no problem.

Hope this helps!

Steve, I think there’s confusion on this because you think Daddio is unfolding the boxes.

We slide the pizza on to a “cut peel”, cut with the rocker, and slide it into an already folded box after it’s cut. There’s no unfolding the box - just open the top, slide it in, close the top. The pizza does not get cut on the box.

I’ve seen it done like you do though. If you can do that with high volume I think you’re on to something, because that storage system is awesome. But, I just can’t see being able to do it on a busy night in my shop.

Hmm… I’d really like to see as well lol. How do you slide an already cut pizza without the pieces falling apart from eachother or even folding under (obviously you do it and I’m sure you do it well). It sounds like a couple chance for problems that could happen. When you cut it in the box it stays perfectly uniform with eachother and no chance of sliding or any problems happening. I’m just trying to envision how you guys do it, seeing as its totally new to me.

This really boggles my mind! Do you guys have different boxes than me? Cause with mine, to open the top part of a closed box you have to undo the ‘hinges’ on the side that lock it closed. If you open the front flap on mine, you also have to undo the side ‘hinges’. If someone came to me and asked me to slide a pizza in a closed box for a million buck I would be stumped! Although for a million bucks I’m sure I could find a way :lol:

I now see where the confusion lies. My boxes are so different than yours. This is the basic design of the boxes I use: … za_box.gif

Argggh! Ye scratched out the logo in those pics!!!

Have to admit, that’s a clever way of hanging the boxes if you’re not going to pre-fold.