Stick and Save or Magnets

I have always used magnets as a giveaway/promotion tool but am now looking at “stick and Save” Has anyone used them? How did it work for you? which did you think works better?

What is Stick and Save :?: Got a www link?

Another company that seems to have a very similar product to stick-n-save is I have called both companies and asked for samples and prices.

Thanks Galen. It appears that Adeas is about half the price of SNS.

I got my samples from stick-n-save and adeas printing today. The quality of the stick-n-save blows adeas printiing out of the water. Stick-n-save is very similar to the monster magnets (perforated coupons, thick stock, etc…) and adeas printing is more like a nice flyer with glue on the back. Stick-n-save will run you about 13 cents for a jumbo size card and adeas will be around 7 cents. For what it is worth I think the stick-n-save product is worth the extra money of course I have been wrong before.

Stick n save is junk.

One of our competitors uses them and they fall off the doors easily. Stay away from this product.

I just used the stick n saves on a blustery fall day winds 20 -30 mph and only one blew off

These will be direct mailed so I am not to worried about how they would stick to an outdoor surface. I am more interested in how they work was the ROI worth it would you use them again did it get you noticed etc.