Streaming Advertising

I’ve been running an ad on Hulu streaming service for the past few months. Cost has worked out to under 3 cents per impression. So it’s more expensive than Google ads but less expensive than some Facebook campaigns I’ve run.

I signed up at , uploaded a 16:9 format 15 second video, and was off an running after a pretty quick approval. The minimum campaign budget was $500, but the duration can be spread over any time frame so I stretched it out over 5 months. My ads are targeted to specific zip codes but they can be directed at a metro area if you fall inside one.

Unfortunately, I used an existing video that doesn’t allow me to track how well it’s driving traffic. I’m planning on creating a new ad that offers a discount for using coupon code “hulu” so I can get some solid numbers.

Anyone else tried running ads on any of the streaming services?

I’m not try yet. but in future may be!

What did you advertise on your video?


Very nice.

Are you in bloomington Ill.?

Thank you,


In Bloomington, Indiana.

Amazon TV has started running ads. Looked into their offerings and their minimum campaign investment is… $10k. So, NOT small business friendly.

I drive by Blooming Ill fairly often when I go home to Wisconsin. I would have liked to stop in and visit you.

Did you create the video youself?