the Waffle Frie Pie

sorry for the dead link. this one works

It won’t let me see it, says “This video either has been removed from Facebook or is not visible due to privacy settings”.

thanks rick. Ill have my delivery guy (camera man) upload it to youtube. thanks for the heads up

Nice looking pie!

Just some casual feedback - (we all love feedback). Why don’t your guys wear aprons? Its basic food hygiene?

Whilst your pies look great I wouldn’t buy food from a shop where the guys making the food are not wearing aprons. Why? They’re wearing the same clothes they are wearing outside, whilst there in the wash room etc etc. Just my 2 cents! Hope it helps.

Hey wizz. I agree w you to some capacity. I’ll have you know that it was me making the pizza. So if someones setting a bad example it’s me. I gotta be honest with you though. I Hate aprons. And my customers don’t eat off of my shorts so do they really care that much? Maybe?

Its a choice you make as a business.

I wouldn’t buy meat from a butcher who was wearing his normal/casual clothes, wouldn’t undergo a medical procedure with someone who was wearing his sports gear and in terms of my food, I like to think some thought has been given to the preparation of my food so it doesn’t come into contact with the jersey that the cat cat slept on last night! Not that I’m saying you looked dirty or scruffy but I don’t know what you’ve been doing in those clothes?

If your customers don’t care then it ain’t an issue but maybe there’s some who ain’t customers because of it. We all make choices in business thats what makes us different. Just giving you something to think about nothing more nothing less - up to you at the end of the day! :o)

A thing that bothers me is when a delivery driver comes in from outside and starts cutting pizzas, folding boxes, etc…

And customers that do care, usually do not tell you…They just go elsewhere…

Wizz. I would bet my house that there are people who won’t come to us for that reason. In the same breath I knock on wood b/c enough people are buying my product. I believe that in this business you need three things. Clean store, good food, good service. I tend to focus too much on those three and find myself not thinking about
Other details, which could be minor or major. My employees are trained to be very personable and personal with our customers. Do these people want the red carpet rolled out? Possibly…but we make them feel part of this thing by knowing their names,kids names, dogs names, jobs, etc. When I see a caller coming through there’s a good chance everyone who works there knows what the persons gonna order. We stick by the rule. “80 % of your business comes
From 20% of your customers”

So you accept people don’t come in for that reason and the only reason you don’t wear them is because you ‘hate them’. Not the most sound of arguments on getting more sales, but as I say just giving you some feedback.

Yes. No arguments there. I hate aprons. I have them. If my employee wants one. Use it. I will not enforce a rule I am not part of.
Im in my fourth year of business and only a couple of times had a customer said anything. But I’m probably a lot younger than you( please don’t take offense to that) and values are changing. The days of white glove service are gone to fast casual, order your taco at the window type of business.

Personally I don’t care if the people are wearing aprons as much as did they wash their hands! :shock: If you run a good clean shop your customers will notice that more than the most likely dirty apron around your neck. You almost ask for a more “unkept” appearance by wearing the aprons because your cooks will be more sloppy and wipe stuff all over them because it is not their clothes and they can just take them off. I understrand the other comments about contact with dirty personal clothes…but just think about the global food system as a whole and this is by far one of the least probmatic areas…at least I think. At one point I had 300 production workers in our mfg plant all walking around with full length white lab coats… gloves… hair / facial hair nets… safety glasses…choice of special waterproof boots or shoes… etc…etc…etc… Yes a different situation… as we are a manufactuer and deal with raw materials at a much higher level… and by law they have too wear all of the above… but it is from this that I can say that by giving them that extra layer… you creat a whole new problem too deal with. What about using gloves all the time. I think this all falls back on good personal hygine. Teach your employees a good work ethic and you should eliminate most of the problems that arise from these issues. Yes I think you should use the disposable gloves when dishing out raw meats and then discard them just to control the cross contamination problems but as far as a glove everytime you touch anything… save the planet and just wash your hands. :mrgreen:

Great video! The apron issue is a non-issue with me too. A apron is the same thing as your shirt. both will get dirty with the same grime. As far as health reasons, when the pizza is being cooked in 500-550 temps, it’s all the same.

Plus you r shop looked clean - Keep up the good work.


ps - I make a similar fries pie but add ranch dressing on the pie, give it a try!

Great video!!! I hate aprons too. My kitchen before I moved was open and I will never ever have another open kitchen. We keep a very clean store, scored a 98 out of 100, on our last health inspection, but having the kitchen closed keeps me clam. I do not have to worry if someone is offended if I am not wearing an apron or have a spotless floor during a 2 hour rush. My employees absolutely love having a closed kitchen, there is nothing more stressful than having a grumpy customer stand at the counter and watching your ever move.

agree with the great video (aprons not as important as overall cleanliness of the store whick seemed good)…disagree with not having an open kitchen…if you have nothing to hide than you have nothing to worry about

PS gonna try that recipe…how far ahead do you prep the fries?

Thanks for all the good feedback. My driver is pretty good at this stuff, not as much spelling. He filmed a bunch of video. then sent this to me…I am proud of him!..this was a 9:00 messing around thing while we were cleaning up. I want to do some more and hope to get some more information packed into them. A little more than “white cheese” or “yellow cheese”…maybe even a recipe step by step. I was thinking some stromboli or calzones. Any Requests??

I fry the waffle fries right before we make the pie. We measure a 7inch aluminum dish full of Seasoned-skin on cross trax…
Shredded smoked bacon
grande mozz
grande romano contessa

I LOVE the idea of that pie. I may have to bring in some waffle fries special just for that pie one month! Smooth and simple to make. We’ll have a pretty small demand for it anyway, so whould not jam up the kitchen much.

On the side conversation, pristine kitchen is great to see! Noticed the apronless after the thread, but I find that also not a big deal if there is not food soil on the shirt. I am always amused at our various “hot button” issues. Aprons are not a biggie for me . . . I will walk out of a restaurant when I see cooks with multiple, or chunky wrist bracelets . . . harbingers of streptococcus, listeria, salmonella and all sorts of other potential ickiness. No one mentioned that from the video. I know this was a demo for a video and not the normal cook routine, so no points lost :slight_smile: ‘No aprons’ more important than ‘no hats’? Blasphemer!!

Nick- As long as you have a fryer this pie is for you. I’m sure you already have bacon, cheddar, And mozz. A case of waffle fries is about 20 bucks. And they stay in the freezer so you’ll never waste it. If you do decide to get them try offering them As an appetizer also. You can serve just waffle fries. Disco fries(melted mozz and brown gravy), pizza fries (red sauce and melted mozz) or Irish nachos ( metled cheddar and bacon). Keep the product turning over.

I am cautious about getting the fries thing going as it will become a beast that can’t go back in the cage . . . we have a limited freezer space, and fries will become a demand item. I do not envision keeping up with the labor and space issues of fries ‘on the menu’. On slack days it would be easy/breezy; but Friday or Saturday peak hours would be simply unmanagable with our current processes and work flow.

We may actually revisit the thoughts as we could sure use a moving food item that would give us some good margins. At least waffle fries could hold better than straight cuts when we are talking about delivery. We were looking at seasoned wedges as well. Pizza fries and other options do appeal to me. Mayhaps there is something we could modify in processes that could make it work out. (Gravy is right out, though) :shock:

I did notice the jewellery and no hats but I was trying not to be too picky and just provide some honest feedback!

Its all up to the operator. I have two open plan kitchens, insist on clean aprons (rather defeats the object if the apron ain’t clean). The aprons do not leave the cooking area i.e. staff do no wear them outside, in the washroom etc. My staff also wear hats and no jewellery is allowed for cooking staff. Drivers must adhere to these rules if they are helping out in the kitchen as well.

Its nothing to do with ‘age’ you’ve no idea how old I am do you?

and with respect to the poster who says ‘A apron is the same thing as your shirt. both will get dirty with the same grime’… nope it ain’t the same at all unless of course you let your staff wear their aprons outside, leaning against a wall while you smoke, visiting the washroom, emptying bins etc.

I can image the comments if Gordon Ramsey was filmed in a Michelin star restaurant cooking in shorts and a t shirt but as I say each to their own of course.

I don’t have a hat rule either. Hats give me a headache. There is no way around it. When I graduated culinary school i traded my hat, neckerchief, chefcoat , and chefs pants for shorts and t shirt. I actually chose this business based on those principals. Is it right? Maybe not…

I don’t cook or serve food off of my shirt. It shouldnt matter if I leaned against the wall while wearing it. If restaurant operators focused as much cleaning their knives and countertops as they do cleaning their aprons there would be less food borne illness too talk about.

I do wear jewelry. I do prep food while it’s on. I have never ever ever had. Customer say something. Ever